Week 3


Well I am actually doing it, kind of. Im a missionary! Sorry to everyone whose emails I was not able to respond to. It is so hard in just an hour, but I promise I will soon! Leaving the CCM was hard. I loved it. Transitions are hard for me. I like feeling settled and it feels like my life for that past year has been all about transitions. But they are the sink or swim moments right? I am barely treading water right now, but ahh all in good time.

My first area is called Salama! Honestly I do not even know where it is on a map. It is hot hot hot in the morning and raining by the afternoon. So I am either drenched in sweat or rain. The people here are SO nice. Even if they have no interest in the church they will always stop and talk to us. I have honestly only encountered like two rude people.

Being a missionary is amazing! It is the hardest but most exciting thing I have ever done. My companion is Hermana Escobar. She is from Panama. We get along super well. I have been lucky with companions so far. It is really hard to communicate sometimes because she speaks no english, but we are working on it. We also are both new to the area, aka we knew no one. Slowly we are getting to know everyone and the invesitgators.

We have been doing a lot of contacting…knocking doors and talking to people on the street. We found 13 new investigators this week which has made the harder stuff worth it. 2 we committed to baptism!

People are obssessed with the fact I am Chinese here. I say I am from the US and they do not believe me so then I have to explain the whole story haha. And they think I am a freak because I can kind of speak Spanish but not Chinese.

We were knocking random doors one day and it turned out to be the relief society presidents home. She said her neighbor was interested in the church so she went and got her and we had a lesson right then and there! It was seriously a miracle because she said she normally is never home at that time. We have had lots of experiences similar to this. The Lord is definitely in this work.

Funny story from church yesterday…I was sitting in RS and this woman had a hand in a box which I thought was confusing. I looked over and she was casually petting her pet turtle. Hah. I play the piano in Sacrament here! And they asked me to bear my testimony since I was new. The mic went out so then I got to start yelling my testimony in broken Spanish to the ward. I am sure they understood every word of it too. The members are GREAT! They come up to us and beg to come out with us. Help the missionaries! We need all the help we can get.

Quotes from here and the CCM:

If youre heart is full of love there is no room for anyting else Muchas thank you!

I can speak Spanish if I have eaten the word before.

Did you watch TV before the mish? (A really profound question by yours truly) Get fired up!

The food so far has been alright. I mostly have eaten processed food because I am not interested in getting sick. We are paying a member to feed us lunch everyday so that will be way pilas as they say here. I think it means awesome. Also we pay members to do our laundry! That is a mission wide thing. Blessings.

Love you all! Thanks for your emails.! Miss you.

H Scruggs

IMG_2083 IMG_2085 IMG_2086  IMG_2102 IMG_2103 IMG_2109  IMG_2117IMG_2111IMG_2092

The view from my window…you can see the church.

Me drenched after the elders dumped a trashcan of water on me and my comp.

DOMINOS with my district. God loves me. Crossing a river to get to an appointment! Ahhh.

The mission is hard. Like the hardest thing I have ever done, but it is worth it! The gospel is true.

Me drenched when I forgot my umbrella. And our primitive little kitchen. Our apartment is kind of gross….

Sorry those captions are out of order. You’ll have to match them up! I will try to take more pics. Our area is gorgeous! Also I have accpeted that I am going to look hideous my whole mission…oh well!


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