Week 6


Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July. Suprisingly they don’t celebrate it here in Guate. And when I realized it was the 4th of July it freaked me out.

Time doesn’t really feel normal out here and all the indicators of summer are non existent so it caught me off guard. This week has been interesting, but good. It started with me being sick. They thought I had Dengue. I don’t. I might have a bacteria, but I feel fine so we shall see. Being sick did bring my stress level up a little bit. Let’s just say I gave lots of people opportunities to serve me this week.

We had interviews with President Curtiss this week. One thing that really resonated with me in his prayer was ‘bless Sister Scruggs’ family to know that she is doing exactly what she committed to do.’ It got me thinking, oh yeah I actually committed myself to all of the success, failures, bugs, the schedule, the communication barrier, the great lessons, the not so great lessons, the heat, the tears, and I could go on. But basically I realized it is time to face the music. Talking about my mission and anticpating it was fun and now it’s time to deliver. It’s challenging, like really challenging, but super rewarding at the same time.

Some things I have noticed about Guatemala thus far; -Everything here is a public health harzard. I could spend all of my internet time talking about this. I will spare you the details. I will have lots of firsthand experience for future papers though.

-Not exaggerating, everyone here is either Catholic or Evangelic -Eveyone is really obsessed that I am Chinese…Although I consider myself American because I know pretty much diddly squat about China. I wish we could focus less on how people look or where they’re from. God cares more about the kind of people we are. Maybe I have an extreme viewpoint on this because I was born in China, grew up in the US, and am now speaking Spanish in Guatemala…but still! I know no one here means to be rude, but it’s just what I have been thinking about.

Anways back to missionary work. We have A LOT of people to teach right now which is great! We started in this area knowing no one, so having investigators who are actually progressing or who was have had multiple lessons with is a nice change. My companion says this is a really good area because we keep finding more people to teach. And yesterday we had 4 investigators at church which was a blessing because we have really struggled with this. One of those people is an investigator named Betty. She has 5 year old twins who also came. Many of you know I think twins are just fun so I was pretty psyched.

We’re teaching a 15 year old named Johnathan who has a date to be baptized, but we’re waiting to see if his mom will give permission. His whole situation makes me really sad. He basically has no relationship with his mom and works instead of going to school to support himself. The only thing he really has going for him is the church right now. The members take care of him more than anyone else. I know his life is going to be really challenging, but I know the gospel could help him so much. We’ll see what happens. Your prayers would be appreciated!

Spanish continues to get easier. I am getting more accustomed to not being able to talk. And I am learning more everyday. People keep telling me to just focus on having the Spirit with me and the people who want to or need to understand me will. That has been a good reminder.

Other things-

-The watch and mary jane tanlines are coming along nicely. I would attach a pic but that would be weird.

-I had a chocomango (frozen mango dipped in chocolate) for this first time. It was love at first bite and now there’s no going back.


Quotes of the week-

-We are NOW the Lord’s missionaries. We will being the world his truth.

-Our pamphlets really don’t like dust (a returned sister missionary who came out to teach with us. She was chastizing an investigator for not taking care of her pamphlet hahah) -Mom this is the Lord’s class (one of the twins I mentioned talking to his mom during Primary)

Well we’re officially in week 5 of this transfer. Transfers are 6 weeks long, so I have to start mentally preparing myself to either have a new companion, new area, both, or to stay here with H Escobar.

The gospel is true. It answers every problem we face in this life. I have seen a lot of really dishartening things here- people who are totally paralyzed, abusive spouses, substance abuse problems, POVERTY, and so many other really sad things. But I know that the gospel can help.

Well I miss you all! I hope you’re having a fabulous summer. Take a nap for me!

Hermana Scruggs


Yes, this is me eating Chinese food in Guatemala.

Yes, this is me eating Chinese food in Guatemala.


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