Week 7 – I can text in T9 mode again!

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone had a good week! Things are coming along here in Salama. I’m trying to remember what happened this week but the days are starting to blur together. Turns out I have H Pylori which is some bacteria that has developed in my system. I get to take lots of horse pills everyday. But honestly I feel normal so I don’t really care.

One sad thing was Johnathan’s baptism fell through. His mom didn’t give permission. It was disapointing to say the least. But Hermana Escobar and I learned a good lesson that missionary work doesn’t really start or end with baptism. We are still teaching and working with him. I know one day he’ll be baptized. Now we just have to trust in God’s timing and be patient. Plus he is really involved with the branch here, so I know they’ll take good care of him too.

We have been studying as a district our purpose as missionaries, which is to invite others to come unto Christ. I’ve realized that doesn’t always mean simply baptizing people. I am trying to focus on the smaller victories because it’s not realistic to think that we’ll be baptizing people every single day. For instance, a non member family, the Gonzalezes that we have been visiting found their scriptures this week. We all read from the Book of Mormon together and it was so powerful and awesome. I love moments like this.

Yesterday I woke up and had an overwhelming desire to not wake up. Hah. I miss being lazy sometimes. However later during the day we taught one of our investigators who is paralyzed from the next down. He told us he really appreciates our visits because it’s a small break in his rountine of just watching TV or listening to the radio all day. I felt super guilty and it reminded me I need to be grateful for everyday I am out here. It really is a miracle that I am able to serve a mission and I don’t want to forget that.

I remember reading missionary letters before coming out here and I was also curious just what day to day missionary life is like. So for those interested basically I wake up at 6:30 and force myself to exercise half an hour. We walk so much and I usually wake up feeling like a car has run over me that exercising doesn’t really appeal to me. Anywho after that I get ready and make pancakes and eggs. Then we study, study together, practice teaching, I study Spanish, and we do my new missionary training.

After that I coat myself in bugspray and sunscreen which my companion thinks is hilarious. Then we go eat lunch with a member who cooks for us (best thing ever.) We usually eat chicken or meet with potatoes and tortillas or something like that. It’s all been quite tasty thus far. Then we’re out working for the day, begging people to listen to us. On a good day we’ll teach 5 or 6 lessons and then some days we’ll teach one or 2. Teaching is fun. I like watching the Spirit work in people. They start squirming a little bit and you know they know it’s true. We come home at 9, plan, and then collapse.

A note on member missionary work…help your missionaries! I was possibly the most apathetic, least involved member missionary. Like sometimes I knew the missionaries names in my ward. But honestly our job is 10 times easier when members feed us or are willing to come teach with us. I know it’s really awkward sometimes, but really you’ll get so many blessings and it makes such a big difference.

Being a missionary is really hard, but really great at the same time. I think I’ve said this in every email. I am learning how to rely on the Savior and his grace more than ever. Everyday I am somehow receiving the strength I need to do this, but it’s really not coming from me.

I am also re-learning how to text in T9 mode which is hilarious because I haven’t done that since like 6th grade. But I text whenever possible because talking on the phone in Spanish is horrific for me right now.

Quotes of this week:

“Agency doesn’t exist on missions.” Hahah which is not ture. We are constantly making decisions. But there are a lot of things out of our control as well.

“Hope if putting faith to work when doubting would be easier.” -President Monson

Well my camera isn’t letting me upload pictures right now. Sorry I know that’s the best part of missionary emails. Next week! Miss you all! Seriously.

Hermana Scruggs


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