Week 8 – Transfer!

Hey, hi, hello,

Well ladies and gentlemen I have officially completed transfer numero 1! Wohoo! If I had reported to the CCM on June 10th (my original report date) and stayed for 6 weeks tomorrow would be my first day in the field- which is nuts because the CCM feels like it happened a year ago. Although I did feel like I was kind of totally thrown into this before I was ready… I’m super glad I got to come out when I did.

The biggest news…I’m getting a new companion tomorrow. Hermana Escobar and I had a good run, but she is off to an area called Peten. She has served there before and loves it, so she’s super excited. I’m really happy to be staying here in Salama. There’s so many awesome people here, having to leave would be so sad. I will miss Hermana Escobar a lot. She has definitely seen me through a very challenging 6 weeks, so I will always be thankful for her and what I learned from her.

Let’s see, we found a GREAT new investigator named Ronald this week. We left him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he started reading as we were leaving the appointment. This is seriously a miracle because people usually just let them collect dust. He came to church yesterday, met a bunch of people and seems super interested!

We are still teaching Johnathan. The situation with his mom is very frusterating and sad because he is super prepared and really wants to be baptized. The gospel is already changing his life, but I know being baptized is going to make such a big difference for him. We have 3 other youth we’re teaching who are in similar situations and it ugh it’s so hard. I know their parents just don’t understand and have their reasoning…but I’m ready to knock some sense into them.

Sunday, the day of rest have become super stressful and exhuasting. We’re basically running around all morning trying to find investigators and then juggling them around all though church. I’m not complaining. I’m very glad people are coming to church. It’s just different haha. Plus we’re starting to get to know more people and the ward so it’s fun walking around and getting to chat with everyone.

It’s still hot here. And we still walk a lot.

Some words of wisdom for my friends soon entering the mission field:

-It’s great. If you have the desire, don’t let anything stop you from serving!


-Pack well. You’ll make due with what you bring and have access to, but it’s really nice to not have to worry about buying or finding stuff right away when you’re starting. You’ll have plenty of other stuff to worry about.

-Bring LOTS of music. Music was kind of an afterthought for me. I almost didn’t bring any, but I’m really glad I did.

-Your pride and impatience will be your biggest downfall. Start praying now for humility and patience.

-A lot of things will be hard when you start your mission. Relax. It’s not supposed to be easy at first.

-Don’t let your trainer, other missionaries, or being in the field damper the excitement and desire to be obedient that they instill in you in the CCM.

-Possibly ignore my advice and the advice from everyone else because every mission and every missionary is so different.

Okay this email feels pretty short and I feel like I haven’t said anything particulary interesting, so I will attach a lot of photos to hopefully make up for it:

Imagen 316 Imagen 314Imagen 330 Imagen 303Imagen 297 Imagen 306


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