Week 9

Muy buenos dias familia y amigos,

Hope y’all had a swell week! This one has been a whirlwind for me. My new companion’s name is Hermana Fernandez. I LOVE her…like I’m obsessed with her, but not in a weird way. I was worried about switching companions at first. But I just thought, woah Ellie give it time. It’s your first second companion (props if you understood that reference.) We’re working hard and just having a lot of fun. She’s helped me relax A LOT. I feel more willing to speak Spanish and just be myself which is the best feeling honestly. I was worried about teaching her about the area, but so far it’s been just fine.

Plus she was Hermana Escobar’s companion (my last comp) in the CCM and she’s been companion’s with 3 out of the 4 hermanas in our district which is fun.

This morning I got to take a little field trip to the Captial to sign visa paperwork. This morning our alarm went off at 1:30am to catch a bus at 3:00am. I had the privllege of sitting on a plastic stool for that entire bus ride. Horrendous. We got to Guatemala city at 6am. Drove to the church office and then to immigration. I signed 3 pieces of paper and then ate Subway. Then took another bus back to Salama. It was fun seeing a little more of Guatemala. They have Chuck E. Cheese in Guatemala City so that’s good news. But holy cow it was a long day for 3 signitures. Oh well, I know I had to do it. It also made me realize I’m glad I’m in a smaller town because there was a lot more city like stuff in the captial that reminded me of being home.

We also were a block away from the temple. I miss that place.

Alright that was a lot about my trip to the captial…This week we were able to put another date for baptism (bad english…but this is how it is phrased in spanish and I don’t know how to rephrase it.) We have a lot of investigators who are ready and need to just get in the water. If all goes as planned we should have some baptisms in August! The work is getting really fun and we see miracles here everyday. When we do our part and make small sacrifices Heavenly Father really just blesses us a lot.

Turns out Ronald’s name is actually Noah. Long story. Anyways he is still coming to church and keeping his commitments but says he doesn’t want to be baptized for a year, but we shall see about that…

Oh! I gave a talk in church yesterday. Dang it is a lot harder to write a talk in a foreign language without being able to copy paste the entire thing from LDS.org (oh come on, you know you do it too). My topic was on fasting (also hard…for me.) Basically we should fast for 3 reasons: it’s a commandment, it’s a way to receive a ton of blessings, and our fast offerings do a lot of good for people in need. Fasting is something I’ve always been pretty bad at. I like eating too much, but I know it’s important and we really can be strengthened in so many ways from it.

Another update on my Spanish that you’re probably not that interested in hearing: it’s coming out of my mouth a lot easier than before. It’s still tricky for me when I’m at a table with a bunch of people all talking at once. However, one on one is okay. I can teach lessons for the most part which is what really matters though! The language makes everything harder, so I am super thankful I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

Quotes from the last couple weeks:

-“ScrUUUgggs?” “Scraaguss?” “Schruggs?” (No one can pronounce my name here. So they either don’t or call me the Chinita) -“WHAT THE FREAK?” (All the latins here say this. Like all the time. I’m not sure which BYU student introduced this phrase here but it has spread like crazy hahah.) -“The best cure for weariness is serving people who are more tired than you.” -¨President Hinckley (This has been on my mind a lot. Exhuastion is just part of being a missionary, but it definitely wears on me sometimes. So I try to think about the hermano in our branch who is the YM president, seminary teacher, and ward mission leader. Or the moms that work full time and have 6 kids to take care of while their husbands have to work in Coban all week long. There are tons of people here more tired than myself.)

Boring photos this week. Sorry. I need to take more pictures of the scenery because it really is gorgeous here.

I'm thankful everyday I get to put this plaque on.

I’m thankful everyday I get to put this plaque on.

The sisters in our branch.I love them!

The sisters in our branch.I love them!

Imagen 360

Hands down my favorite picture from my mission thus far.

Hands down my favorite picture from my mission thus far.

Well that’s all folks. Have a great week! Miss you all! Thank you seriously for all of your emails. I’m trying really hard to respond to them all.

Hermana Scruggs.


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