Week 11 – August 10


This past week has been another blur. It’s been SUPER hot which is not exactly my favorite weather because it sucks out all of my energy but oh well. We have two new baptismal dates which is exciting! Astrid and Lazaro. They’re both references from the ward and are super awesome so stay tuned….

Hermana Fernandez is teaching me which people we have to stop teaching. Ugh it’s sad and frusterating but I am learning an important lesson about agency. We can only invite people here to learn about the gospel and make changes but it’s their decision whether or not they want to do it. There’s only so much we can do and there comes a point when they have to start doing their part. One of those people is Noah. It seems like he has no interest in listening anymore which was upsetting…but I’m not ready to give up on him quite yet.

We taught a lesson with one of Hermana Fernandez’s recent converts and their family. Technically they’re not in our area, but we got permission to teach them. They have really been struggling with a lot of different problems and are focused on their problems, so they aren’t interested in coming to church. From what I could tell it seems like they don’t want to interact with the members of the ward either. And they don’t want to listening to the missionaries in their area, only to Hermana Fernandez. Lesson I learned: missionary work and the gospel has to be focused on Christ. Missionaries will ALWAYS leave. Members will always be imperfect. We as humans will always make mistakes…which is why the church is centered on Christ, who is perfect and will always be there. We can always repent and try again because of Him.

Embarassing moment of the week: an elder in my district asked me “Hey are you from Ephraim?” (like the tribe) and I responded, “No, I’m from Seattle.”

And then my entire zone erupted in laughter. What was really embarassing is that he was speaking in English…in my defense I thought Ephraim was a city in Utah. Hah.

Incredible things I have seen this week:

-Answers to fasts. We recently started teaching an investigator, Joceline who started listening to the missionaries 6 years ago but has been kind of wishy washy all that time. Her biggest challenge was she was unwilling to explain to her father why she wants to learn more about the gospel. However, she did it and is doing great! Direct answer to our fasts. -Working with less active members. They already know the church is true. Just sometimes they need a reminder. It’s really neat seeing them remember.

-Raquel, who got baptized in June bore her testimony this past Sunday. Oh it made me so happy!

-Hungry elders in Domino’s on 2 for 1 pizza day.

Today we went to Rabinal, a neighboring city and went hiking around a waterfall. We took a zillion pictures (because it’s one of the only ways we can entertain ourselves as missionaries haha) which I will attach. Guatemala is SO pretty. I have decided I have to live near mountains. All of the places I have lived thus far have mountains. Everything is green here like Seattle which makes me a tad homesick sometimes, but asi es, as they say here.

Quotes from this week:

-“I’m SO happy that you’re a police officer.” -Hermana Fernandez (a couple in the branch are both police officers and they explained to us what they do for their job. Hermana Fernandez got really exicted and told they she was really happy for them and I thought it was super funny.) -“A smile is a curved line that sets things straight.” -T shirt from one of the said police officers -“We can choose to be grateful no matter what” -President Utchdorf -“Enjoy being a beginner when you’re new at something.” -Adjusting to Missionary Life booklet (This is hard for me…I don’t like feeling like abeginner.)

I’m still loving it here in Salama. It’s getting fun as I get to know more and more members. I’m sure once I feel really comfortable I’ll be transfered to another area. Things keep getting easier as far as the missionary work and language go which I am SO thankful for. It’s a blessing to be here and to do this work! Have a great week!

Hermana Scruggs

PS I never realized how seriously reliant I am on spell check. I have no idea if I am spelling things correctly because this computer thinks everything is wrong since I’m typing in English…


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