Week 14 – Semana loca (Crazy week)

Hola everyone,

This week has been quite loco for many reasons and I’m pretty sure this coming one will be as well. Why? I’m being transfered out of my area to an area called Trebol, in Peten. They tell us Saturday night if one of us is leaving the area, Sunday we say goodbye and bear our testimonies, Sunday night they tell us where we are going, and Monday we are packing frantically and trying to get everything ready for transfers tomorrow.

H Fernandez and I really didn’t think we were going to have transfers, but she is training a new missionary which I’m thinking is one of the reasons I have to leave. I am feeling anxious, excited, sad, happy, and unsettled all at once for this transfer. And I’m going to kill my new companion (starting your mission is your birth, and you die at the end of it…hence I am killing my new companion hahah). So in the next trasnfer I will have another new companion. Holy moly.

It’s super sad leaving Hermana Fernandez and the people here. Ugh. I know this is part of missionary work, but it’s slightly painful…but I know there’s work for me to do in Trebol and lots of great people to meet. I used to say EFY was the weirdest social experience…throwing a bunch of teenagers together for a week, making them become best friends, then ripping them apart, only friends on Facebook forever more. However, I’ve decided the mission is far worse.

Highlight of the week, Lazaro was baptized!!! And there were 2 other baptisms in the branch on Saturday as well…one from each pair of missionaries in the branch. It was definitely a happy weekend in Salama. Lazaro is now preparing to receive the Priesthood so he can baptize his girlfriend Astrid in 3 weeks. I am bummed I won’t be here for her baptism, but I know Hermana Fernandez will take good care of her!

We had a ward missionary activity this week where we watched Meet the Mormons with the branch and investigators. We put in a pathetic amount of effort into the activity in my opinion, but it actually went really well! It was a perfect movie for investigators to watch and learn a little bit more about the church in a non-threatening way.

Experiencing the gospel as a missionary is really different than anything I have ever experienced before. Basically before this I was in YSA ward at BYU…I was living and breathing the gospel with a bunch of people very similar to me. We could spend an hour in Relief Society analyzing one scripture.

Now it’s like chasing people down in the street trying to tell them who Joseph Smith is. It was a bit of an adjustment for me at first, but basically it has just stregthened my testimony that the gospel helps everyone. Sometimes what we do as missionaries seems really aggressive and strange to me, but I’m realizing that Satan is far worse which is why we have to

Oops short email! Have a great week!

Hermana Scroms (the most common pronunciation)

Ahh I'm going to miss her so much!

Ahh I’m going to miss her so much!

This is Astrid :)

This is Astrid 🙂

Awesome day!!!!

Awesome day!!!!

I'm the giant here, so I opted for the tiny sombrero.

I’m the giant here, so I opted for the tiny sombrero.

My Zone leader hahah

My Zone leader hahah

After a waitress dumped a pitcher of soda on us in a restaurant...hah

After a waitress dumped a pitcher of soda on us in a restaurant…hah

The YSA in my branch. Oh these guys are the BEST and always would come out and teach with us

The YSA in my branch. Oh these guys are the BEST and always would come out and teach with us


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