Week 15 – I’m melting!

Hi everyone,

Well I thought last week was nuts, but it doesn’t even compare to what has happened this week! Leaving Salama was weird and sad. Transfers were on Tuesday, so Hermana Fernandez and I headed to Coban to meet up with our new companions. However, this week was also the week of the elections here so there were riots and protests going on all over the place so almost no one could get into Coban. Basically this reaked havoc because people were waiting for their companions to show up or staying with members while their companions were in Coban. None of the missionaries from the CCM could get into Coban at first. It was insanity. I worked on Tuesday with other hermanas in Coban and stayed the night with the hermana training leaders. It was neat seeing more areas of the mission and meeting lots of the missionaries. And our days are so regemented that is was kind of nice having a little upset in the rountine.

Tuesday night the new sisters coming in from the CCM stayed the night at the hermana training leaders’ house as well. It was awesome! We had a big slumber party and ate pizza. Honestly it made me really happy because I was a little bummed about not being at school this week, but it reminded me of being being in the dorms! Exhuasting, but fun!


Hey look who I ran into in Coban! (Elder Toolson)

Hey look who I ran into in Coban!
(Elder Toolson)

I’m in an area called Trebol now, it’s like 6 hours north of where I was before. Our new house is right next to a tortillaria and a house that sells chocobananas. Location, location, location right? Although we are looking for a new house because ours is kind of gross and tiny. Also it is SO stinkin’

hot here. Like this part of the country is infamous for hot hot it is. Ugh. It makes working a lot harder because basically I just want to sit in the shade and eat ice cream. Although I am probably sweating off all the tortillas I’ve eaten here so that’s one good thing. It’s humid also because we’re right next to a lake. I have to say it’s really really pretty here! I feel like I’m in Hawaii. Everything is tropical and really colorful. And hot.

My new comp’s name is Hermana Guerrero. She’s also from Mexico! She’s super sweet and things have been going great so far! As much as switching companions is frusterating, at least I am kind of getting used to it…She’s also short like all my comps which is important so I can keep feeling huge and awkward.

I honestly haven’t been able to do much work-wise this week. We lost 2 days to the craziness of transfers and yesterday because Hermana Guerrero was sick. Sunday not very many people were at church because it was the day of the elections here. So really I feel pretty lost here still, but I’m sure I’ll start learning the are little by little.

We had 2 baptisms on Saturday which was incredible! Alida and IIcia, a mom and her daughter. A lot of their family are members and they have been going to church for awhile, but just never were interested in being baptized until now. I only taught them once before their baptisms, but their testimonies are SUPER strong and I’m really happy for them! Playing a small role in helping people prepare to be baptized is honestly the best.


9-7-3 9-7-1

I’m slightly horrified by this picture, but my face is an accurate representation of what it’s like to walk around here.

Quotes form the last couple weeks:

-“I’m like Garfield. I like sleeping and eating lasagna” -Hermana Guerrero -“Being meek does not mean weakness.” -“Where do you guys eat dinner? In the tienda” Hahah tienda is basically just means little store. We basically don’t eat dinner until we get back to our house so it seems like we usually buy cookies or pringles at like 6 o’clock.

-“How are you doing Sister Scruggs?” I include this because I got super car sick on the bus ride up here (ugh don’t get me started on the buses here…and one elder was like genuinely concerned for how I was feeling. It made me realize I need to be more sincere and be more interested in other people because it really makes a HUGE difference.

And now for a thought about humility and patience. Both are attributes of the Savior. And we are out here to represent Jesus Christ, so we are constantly trying to develop Christlike attributes. I have decided unless I want to come home from my mission as exactly the same person as I was when I started I need to be more humble. It’s challenging. What I thought was my “healthy self-confidence” is actually a lot of pride and it makes progressing and learning as a missionary a whole lot harder. Patience is constantly being tested in the mission field, with yourself, your investigators, companions, and basically in every aspect of life here. Honestly it is exhuasting, but when we are patient with ourselves and choose to rely on the Lord’s timing, things work our better.

Have a great week everyone!

Hermana Scruggs


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