Week 16 – Look Mom! I made a tortilla!

Hola from the hottest place I have ever been!

It was 106 degrees here this week. I walk outside for 5 minutes and I am dripping. Eww okay that’s kind of gross. And I am going to stop whining about the heat because I know thousands of other missionaries have dealt with it and survived.

I’m feeling a lot better in my area. I was mostly worried about really learning the area because I probably be teaching it to a new sister since Hermana Guerrero goes home this trasnfer. Although the area is pretty small so finding my way around isn’t too challenging. And we’ve slowly been visiting everyone so all and all I’m feeling gooood!

This week we had a multi-zone conference with President and Hermana Curtiss and the whole gang. I loved it! Just being around lots of other missionaries is inspiring. I also got to see Hermana Escobar, my first comp. which was fun! It also reminded me of my first transfer and how grateful I am to not be a brand new missionary anymore haha. The asistants talked to us about trying to magnify everything we do as missionaries- our prayers, our scripture study, every contanct, and every lesson. I really needed to hear this because sometimes I get stuck in the trap of going through the motions since our rountine is so similar everyday. However I’ve noticed when I really try to magnify each little thing, I get a lot more out of each routine thing and feel the Spirit more.

9-14-2 9-14-5

Blury picture of my zone...enjoy!

Blury picture of my zone…enjoy!

We’ve been teaching this 11.year old Zulmi who is adorable and super smart…like I think she should be the president of Guatemala one day because they are having a ton of problems with their President right now. She came to church this Sunday and left at the end of the day with like 10 new friends and families who I know are going to help her progress. Her family is not interested in coming to church so really she is going to need members to help her- which they are. Hermana Guerrero and I were almost giddy. I’ve decided two of my favorite things about being a missionary is seeing my investigators interacting with church members and when they teach me about what they have read in the Book of Mormon.

Also as far as teaching those, we have found some amazingly prepared people this week! Everyone we have talked to either has family that are members who are interested in the gospel, are looking for a church to attend, or are just really receptive. I think one of the best things about serving in Latin America is that people are just really nice and willing to listen to us. Oh and I have yet to meet an atheist here which also is very helpful. It’s really not difficult to contact, pratically everyone lets us into their homes to share a message. I cannot imagine trying to contact in Seattle…

Making tortillas is kind of really hard and this investigator was laughing and secretly kind of mad about how incapable I am.

Making tortillas is kind of really hard and this investigator was laughing and secretly kind of mad about how incapable I am.

My companion is the cutest.

My companion is the cutest.

It seems like you all like to read about the hard stuff about mission life as well so here goes. I suppose I also like the hard stuff because it means I’m learning but only sometimes haha…Right now the schedule has been hard. I miss being able to relax. Basically 90% of my day is studying or preaching the gospel and the other 10% is trying to stay healthy and survive physically. Basically our minds are occupied with our investigators or what we need to eat, drink, or do to stay healthy. God gives us 24 hours everyday and it’s job to figure out how to use them.  Obviously I didn’t decide to serve a mission to just relax. And as self centered as my emails sound, I really have been trying to focus on other people while I have been here.

However it is still a struggle for me somedays. The times I can forget about myself I am always happier, so I’m working on it!

Favorite scripture lately Philippians 4:13….I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Short, sweet, and so true. When we choose to be humble and realize we need Christ’s help, He magnifies our efforts far beyond what we could do alone. However humility is the key.

Well that’s all for now folks. Oh except I am going to send a seperate email with pictures from our adventure to Tikal! For some reason I can only but a few pictures in each email. We’re still on the house hunt. I’m sort of not getting my hopes up at this point. The chorus of roosters that live next door is really the worst part. But hey I have already killed one chicken one my mission….

Have a lovely week! I miss you all.

Hermana Scruggs

Basically I’m the luckiest missionary in the world because I have only been here two weeks and got to go to Tikal. Most people have to wait forever! It was SO NEAT! I love Guatemala. And we stuffed our faces with Italin food after which was also alright I guess.

9-14-9 9-14-6 9-14-8 9-14-7


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