Week 19 – 10/6/15

Happy Monday! First of all, I am about 12 hours away from the mudslide that happened in the Capital (it’s not part of my mission) so I don’t really know what happened. We are so cut off from everything. I have heard that lots of people died, which is horrible. I hope things will start looking up soon.

Wasn’t Conference so dang good? It was funny watching it as a missionary because during every talk I was categorizing all the messages into which lesson or investigator it would apply to. We had a couple investigators who came who really enjoyed Conference which was great! I got to watch it with the other Americans in English which was super nice.

10-6-2 10-6-5

Some of my favorites:

-“We are never a lost cause for the Savior.” (I hate to say this, but sometimes I have this attitude about investigators. Good wake up call that that’s never true.) -“Dating is a chance to have long conversations.” (hahahahahahah we we’re all dying.) -“Be distinct and different in a happy way.” (We are definitely different, so we should just be happy about it!) -“The gospel can be preached by the weak and simple.” (Self explanitory) -“Christ is our perfect example of light.”

-“Focus on what I can do, rather than what I can’t do.” (Will always be good advice.) -“Ponderize” (Haha this word makes me laugh, but I like the idea behind it!)

Basically I just left Conference psyched to be a member of the church and to be a missionary. We are blessed to have prophets and apostles on the earth today. Hey and we have 3 new apostles! The elders were passing the chart with all the general authorities around taking bets on who would be called as apostles. Kind of like March Maddness. Hah.

My companion is still really sick. And still about to go home. The two of those things combined are challenging at times. She has to get injected twice a day for her ear infection. I feel super bad for her. Ugh it’s so horrible.

Where we have been a lot this week (the pharmacy.)

Where we have been a lot this week (the pharmacy.)


This picture marks one of my favorite nights of my mission. We eat lunch at this house everyday. They are the Rosales family. I LOVE them. The older lady in the middle, Amalia cooks and washes our clothes for us. She is pòssibly one of the funniest people I have ever met (besides you mom, obviously.) Not all of them are active in the church and really most of them who aren’t active wouldn’t really talk to us before this night. We had a family home evening with them on Monday. We rather randomly (although I’m realizing now it was inspired) decided to talk about the Family Proclamation. My comp asked all of them to share they’re favorite memory. We basically all started talking about our families and the temple. Everyone was crying and the Spirit was just super super strong. The gospel is about making families happy here and forever and I’m so thankful for that. .

Yes, it’s still really hot here. I’m starting to get used to it. We walk around with umbrellas and towels which is weird, but necessary. Contacting in the heat isn’t my favorite thing. However I do like contacting because everytime we knock on a door we don’t know what to expect. A lot of people are really prepared to receive the gospel. We had an interesting afternoon this week running into 2 Jehovah’s Witnesses and an Evangelic preacher within 2 hours. Good times.

I think I talked about this last week, but sometimes the lives people live here make me really sad. My idea of having “no food” in my house was like, no food I wanted to eat even though my fridge was full. People in my families have always had jobs. I grew up in the gospel. I went to great schools. I grew up with the mindset that if I worked hard I could achieve things…which is true only because I have had countless opportunities handed to me. The people here work hard but without opportunities for higher education or good jobs they continue living in poverty. From what I can tell they don’t have any social programs that really help. The church offers self-sufficiency classes and always encourages people to be educated which is something.


-“Shut up monkies” -Hermana Amalia

-“Strength is not somethign you have. It’s something God helps you find.” -Emma Smith (side note: not sure if she actually said this. But it’s in the Emma Smith movie so I would think so.) -“Hermanas, I have been waiting all day from a call from my grandaughter but she hasn’t called me.”….”Hermana Lucia we’re looking at your phone and you have 45 missed calls from her.” (Oh bless old people and their technology.)

Being a missionary is fun. And Spanish is starting to get really fun and less hard. I really like living here. Except for when I don’t…like earlier this week when I picked up my hair straightner and it was totally invested with bugs, like all over and inside. As Jimmy Fallon would say, EWWW. How does that even happen? And on that note…have a good week!

Hermana Scruggs

We crawled through these caves today for P-day. Oh it was so cool! Now tied with Tikal for my favorite P-day activity!

10-6-9 10-6-8 10-6-7 10-6-6

Papusas!!! Food from El Salvador...but so so good!

Papusas!!! Food from El Salvador…but so so good!

This family invited us over for doughnuts after Conference. Turns out everyone has good food traditions for Conference!

This family invited us over for doughnuts after Conference. Turns out everyone has good food traditions for Conference!


Hah this picture makes me laugh. It was this members birthday, so we made her a crown and then made this weird pose.

Hah this picture makes me laugh. It was this members birthday, so we made her a crown and then made this weird pose.


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