Week 22

Hi everyone,

This week was a looooong one. The sun came back out and I was feeling less patient with annoying things (read:people) so it felt like the week dragged on a little bit.

They say we are only supposed to say positive things in our emails, but I like to say I am a realist. And the reality of missionary life is that every week is not perfect. I’ve also learned being in a bad mood as a missionary isn’t really an option. I’ve learned how to snap out of things quickly and put on a fake smile until I actually feel better. And it works!

Other news, Guatemala has a new President! Jimmy Morales. All I know about him is that he is a comedian, so the next 4 years should be interesting…And more importantly our mission met our goal of 100 baptisms! We had 103 to be exact. Sadly my area didn’t get to contribute to that number, however we have a new goal to baptize 110 people in November and Hermana Martinez and I are determined to baptize next month.

Speaking of Hermana Martinez, we are still getting along swimmingly. I love her! We are having so much fun together.

Fun story from the one rainy day this week…We were doing our usual contacting thing in the morning and it started drizzling. All of a sudden it was pouring so we ran to an investigator’s house who didn’t let us in (charming.) So then we ran to an Evangelic church to take cover from the rain (awkward.) Then the pastor came out and told us to come in (more awkward.) We try to avoid contacting or teaching near other churches. Although we had a nice little chat with the ladies there. When the rain finally let up, I bent over to give one of the cute ladies the customary goodbye cheek kiss and all the rain that had accumulated in my hood fell and soaked her entire bible. Then we ran away.

We almost had a miracle baptism this week. Another missionary who used to be in our area told us about an investigator she was teaching who really wanted to get baptized a year ago, but couldn’t because his girlfriend wouldn’t marry him. Why isn’t anyone in this country married??? Anyways, turns out his girlfriend left him and so now he could get baptized. We had one lesson with him and did all the baptismal questions. He knew everything and it seemed like it was going to happen, so we started planning everything. Then the next days the elders showed up for his interview and he never showed. We don’t know exactly what’s going on with him right now…he seems a little wishy washy. Basically it was disapointing, but I know if he really wants to get baptized he will one day!

Besides that…we are still working with a lot of the people we found last week. We have a lot of great people we’re working with, just none of them want to come to church. It seems like the biggest obstacle here because everyone works on Sundays. It is going to require a lot of faith for them to actually make it to church one Sunday. I know if people just go they’ll get lots of blessings, but it’s hard to make people realize that sometimes.

Also another hard thing about missionary work is that your success is based off other peoples’ decisions. Techincally that’s not true, they say a successful missionary is someone who is obedient and dilligent which I guess is correct. Although it seems like a lot of our “success” is about getting our investigators to baptism. And a lot of that is out of my control because people get to make their own choices. Is this what it’s like parenting teenagers?


-“Our companionship catchphrase should be ‘too hot to handle.'” “Yeah but not because we’re hot only because it’s like 1000 degrees out.”

-“How we live our religion is a lot more important than what we say about our religion.” -Robert D. Hales. Okay this is so true. This week in our district meeting we talked about the difference between being a missionary and being a representative of Jesus Christ. As a missionary I feel like everything I do and say is being hyper-analized by everyone, so it’s so important that how I act refelcts how the Savior would. But I really think this applies to everyone. We took the Savior’s name upon us when we were baptized, so the way we live should be a reflection of Him.

“Forget what hurt you, but never forget what it taught you.” (Deep thoughts.) -“Companions that sweat together, stay together.”

-“MY KNEES HURT.” (My not so passively agressive way of telling my companion I wanted to pray at night hahah.)

This week is going to be a good one! We have interviews with President and Hermana Curtiss this week.And Our district is becoming a stake so a bunch of general authorities are coming and we get to have special trainings with them.

I miss you all. Hope you have a happy halloween and eats lots of candy! Hermana Scruggs

Hey Kaeley! They have cute cats here too :) Also why do I always do that with my hand when I take selfies??

Hey Kaeley! They have cute cats here too 🙂 Also why do I always do that with my hand when I take selfies??

We carved squashe because we missionaries love wholesome recreational activities. Then they rotted in about 2 days because it's hot here.

We carved squashe because we missionaries love wholesome recreational activities. Then they rotted in about 2 days because it’s hot here.

A fascinating picture of us at district meeting.

A fascinating picture of us at district meeting.

TUC TUCS! Lo mejor.

TUC TUCS! Lo mejor.


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