Week 25

Hola everyone,

Hope everyone had a great week. It’s lovely to hear from all of you and read your emails. It used to make me homesick but now it’s just fun to hear from ya’ll! Is America  getting ready for Christmas yet? I mean it’s already the middle of November so I assume yes. The weather has been fabulous this week. Like 65 and overcast. That’s what I’m talking about.

Work wise it’s been a little rough this week. We have 4 people who are suppopsed to get baptized in the next two weeks, hence lots of problems and temptations arise. Missionary work is infuriating to me sometimes. Why? We get lied to a lot. Also people say missions are great because you get to forget about yourself and focus on other people’s problems. True. However, their problems become your problems and you can’t really always solve them because people do what they want. Working with our investigators is like a crazy emotional rollarcoaster. They make us fall in love with them and then they break our hearts in half. Seems like 90 percent of our appointments fell this week. I feel like I’ve been kind of stressed out for all of our investigators this week, but that’s how it’s supposed to be right?

Happy news, an ADORABLE couple who are inactive that we have been visiting came this Sunday. They’re goal is to get sealed in the temple next year. I love them. And they’re resoling my shoes which makes me love them even more.

Other happy news, Carmen another investigator who I think I have mentioned was supposed to go out of town this weekend CHANGED HER PLANS to come to church instead. That has never happened on my mission before. Hah. Seriously it’s a miracle. And she wants to keep coming. So we’re psyched.

Remind me to never say that I am going to have an easy baptism. Basically 1 Nephi 8:28 happened to Jhonatan and we’re kind of at a loss of what to do.

He told us yesterday that he loves everything about the church and dislikes nothing. Ugh. Hermana Martinez asked me earlier this week if I have faith to move mountains and I replied that I have faith that people can get baptized, which sometimes feels like moving a mountain.

My birthday happened this week. 20. Estoy viejita. Really 20 sounds weird. A year ago on my birthday I really started thinking about the whole mission thing. Look at me now, one revolution around the sun later and I’m actually doing it. Crazy. I thought I was going to be super homesick on my brithday but everyone was super nice to me. Plus we basically worked like normal and had a mission fast, so I was busy. Nothing like a little birthday fast.

Before we started fasting we had lunch with the senior couple of missionaries that live nearby. Pizza and pasta. And cake. Nuff said. My comp made me banana pancakes in the morning which were tasty and made me want to listen to Jack Johnson. Also another fun bug story…the next day the Rosales family in our ward made me a cake. When they took the lid off the cake had ants crawling allll over it. I love Guatemala. And that family so we had ant cake.

I was reading about the great and spacious building today and I realized it is compared to the Great Apostasy. They killed Christ and the apostles because of Pride. Pride equals apostasy in our lives too. The scriptures also says that the great and spacious building is going to fall. We know which team is going to win. It’s exciting to play a small role in breaking it down. Pride has been a fun topic to study. It really causes soooo many problems.

We had a fun district meeting this week! Me and H. Martinez made a BINGO game to learn about compromisos (commitments). Turns out elders are WAY too competitive to play BINGO. Not sure if anyone really learned anything becauswere all just yelling hahah. It was fun though.


-“It’s not hard to live the gospel. It’s hard to live without it.” -Elder Bednar (We had a broadcast to just Guatemala on Sunday from him. It was


-“Be somebody that makes everyone feel like a somebody.”

-“Wait, don’t talk to me. I’m taking a mental walk through our area!”

This transfer is 7 weeks so me and Hermana Martinez still have 2 weeks together. We both love each other and the area so we’ll probably get transferred.

She really understand my need for constant pizza feedings, so pray we’ll stay together. We really want to stay together for Christmas though. Neither of us have a good track record about staying in areas or with comps though….


Lots of love!

Hermana Scruggs


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