Week 26

Hey hi hello,

Hope everyone had a good week and that you’re all getting ready for Turkey Day. We found boxed stuffing in the store today. We’ll probably make mashed potatoes out of box, but I just realized we didn’t buy turkey.

This week has been kind of a bummer…all of our baptisms for November fell through. The adversary is real. It seems like all of our investigators are suddenly getting new jobs, getting teeth pulled out, have angry families, or their houses are catching on fire (yes that actually happened…yikes.) Preach My Gospel says not to get discouraged because when we are discouraged we start losing faith. So we’re trying to just move forward and learn from what happened. The exhuasting and wonderful thing about missionary work is we never stop learning.

Basically Jhonatan’s family hates the church and thinks he’s too young to get baptized so now he won’t talk to us. It’s super sad. And his friend who was bringing him to church feels like a failure. We did our best to explain to him that he is awesome for even inviting his friend to begin with, so hopefully he’ll keep it up! I have now had 5 investigators under the age of 18 who were all SO prepared for baptism who couldn’t get permission from their parents. Ugh it’s the most frusterating thing. It freaks me out teaching anyone under the age of 18 now, but I know it is possible. Raquel got baptized and tons of missionaries taught her before Hermana Escobar and I got her mom to give permission. I guess a lot of this is about the Lord’s timing and not our own.

I am blanking on things to say right now, so I will tell you about 2pm-4pm everyday. At 1o’clock we eat lunch. Usually something chickeny, with tortillas, rice, beans, and bread. Honestly I don’t know how I have lost weight here because I only eat carbs. Anywho. After that I basically go into a tortilla comma and it’s usually 100000 degrees outside. And then it’s also time to do our missionary thing, but all I want to do is curl up in a ball and take a lil’ siesta. I’m trying to Ether 12:27 that part of the day, but thus far it is not working. It’s extra bad on Sundays.

Random moments:

-We continue contacting with videos and a little boy this week started tearing up and told us “me puse a llorar” (it made me cry). It was possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

-A member told us we could help us paint their house this week, but then the paint never showed up and I was real disapointed because painting is fun.

-I found rice krispie treats and brie in the grocery store here so I am now poor, but happy.

-Racing tuc tucs to pizza hut. And tuc tuc hair.

-Seeing a little boy RUN straight into the font (fount?) to get baptized on Saturday. He was so excited!

-It got hot again. November should be 40 degrees, not 90 if you ask me.


-“Did you get the cement out of our toliet?” Hah. I’m not going to explain his one.

-“I think my chips are stale.” “Maybe your mouth is stale.” -“It’s Darwin’s world and we’re just living in it.” I said this before my mission, but I stand by it!

I’m pretty sure none of these are funny to anyone but me and my comp, but oh well.



Boring picture of us eating lunch!


Hermana Bake is our favorite 🙂


Hermano Witcho wouldn’t let me help build his house even though I promised him I built a school in Guatemala before my mission. Hahaha wise man.

Everyone do some home and visiting teaching this week! I really believe if everyone magnified their home and visiting teaching the missionaries would have a LOT less work to do. Eat lots of turkey and mashed potatoes. I miss you all!

Hermana Scruggs


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