Week 27

Hi everyone,

Holy cow I don’t even know where to start this week. Thanksgiving happened right?? We ate with the senior missionaries which was yummy! Basically we’re in the middle of changes so my world is being turned upside down right now. A couple phone calls can really change things…Basically changes reak havoc starting on Saturday night until like Wednesday of the next week. It’s fun seeing how the mission gets mixed up and seeing the new companionships though.

And I of course can never have a normal change where I get to stay in my area or with my companion. That would be WAY too easy. Nope I am now going on 5 comps for 5 changes. Wohooo. Hermana Martniez and I wanted to stay together through Christmas but drumroll…I’m training! And so is Hermana Martniez so we got split up. This last change with her has just been super fun. I just love her. Luckily she’s only moving an area over so we’ll still be in the same district! Training is very, very intimidating and exciting. It’s a ton of responsibilty. However I get to stay in my area which is going to help. I was such a hot mess during my training that I hope my hija (the missionary you train is your “kid”) is better prepared than I was. I’m sure I’m going to learn lots! I’m in Coban right now to pick her up tomorrow off the bus, fresh from the CCM. Changes also somehow always involve me on a bus at 4 o’clock in the morning which is always fun times.

We’re teaching a new investigator named Fransisco who is incredible. Although Hermana Martniez has only seen Elf once so she didn’t understand why I was so excited to say the name Fransico constantly. He’s an older guy whose wife passed away last year. He likes listening to us and has great questions.

I’m excited for him!

We walked 8 miles on Friday. It rocked. Thank you for the pedometer mother.

On a more spirtual note, a member came out to do visits with us this week so of course NO ONE was home. We literally walked around for 2 hours with her and had zero lessons. So we went to drop her off and thanked her for going on a nice walk with us. But she invited us in and started telling us about all this really sad and complicated stuff she had going on in her life. We were able to just listen and read a scripture with her. I feel super blessed to for the little moments like that when we get to help people.

Other than that, I completed 6 months of my mission this week! Everyone says time flies, which at the beginning of my mission I found annoying. Although it’s true. I’m a third of the way through. It’s nuts. I’m super thankful for the last 6 months, even with all the bugs and long days. Somedays I still feel like a newbie out here. Somedays I feel like I’ve got this. Thankfully no-show socks and I have finally made peace with one another. And I’ve accepted that the elders have to photobomb or do something weird in every picture we take together. Being with a companion 6 moths ago was the hardest thing for me. Now I love having a built in best friend all the time. Everyday is painfully the same, but totally different out here. I LOVE speaking Spanish. Yes in school I was learning to analyze Spanish poetry and write essays in Spanish about global warming, but now I’m actually using it for real. Sometimes I feel really cool for being able to speak it, then someone will talk to me and I’ll have no idea what they’re saying so then I repent.


Baby bananas > normal bananas


We built houses at district meeting. Ours is the pink one 🙂


We always have the best sunsets out here.


Helping decorating for a ward wedding. Abusive. And yes we matched on purpose.

Well wish me lots of luck this week. I’m freaking out a little bit. Although if I’ve learned anything out here, it’s certainly to take one day at a time. So I know training is going to be awesome.

Both of my “moms” are dying this change. It’ll be fun and sad to see them off-

And now we can officially move into Christmas mode right? We aren’t allowed to sing Christmas hymns until the 1st of December because President Curtiss doesn’t want us to be distracted. Hah.



Hermana Scruggs


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