Week 28


Well ladies and gents this week has been exhuasting. I say that all the time, but this week wins hands down. Training is tiring. For lots of reasons.

But let’s start from where we left off from last Monday…

Tuesday I was in Coban to pick up my hija. I somehow got tricked into singing Come Thou Fount in Quekchi at the welcome Conference, which is hilarious because I don’t sing or speak Quekchi. Luckily we sang with a lot of elders from Polochick who do speak Quekchi and drowned me and the other hermanas out. Polochick is an area of the mission that speaks only Quekchi (a native language around here) and only elders get sent there. It’s fun being in Coban during changes. There’s missionaries form ALL over the place and we all run into each other at McDonalds. It was nuts being in the welcome conference again. I remember almost everything that happened at mine so it was a weird parallel universe moment. Except now I’m the missionary that’s supposed to know what’s going on.

My hija’s name is Hermana Arragui. She is from Chile which is neat! And no one can pronounce her last name either. So far she is doing really well. She works hard, listens, and is very obeident which I really appreciate. She’s just a little homesick and still nervous which is normal. Only two hermanas came this change, one was form the States and the other is Hermana Arragui. Part of me wanted to train the gringa because training is a lot of explaining things, so I just thought it would be easier in English. However, I also realized that I basically didn’t talk my entire first transfer because I couldn’t, so it’s definitely easier training a latina. And I’m back to Spanish full time which is good. I kind of liked being able to speak English too though.

Basically sometimes I feel like I’m being a good training and then there are times when I feel like I’m doing really bad. But definitely learning through all of it. I have certainly grown a lot in the last week…remembering things I forgot or wanted to forget. I am mostly just afraid I am going to run my area straight into the ground. And I am also worried I am not being patient enough. It’s hard slowing down. I remember in my training being made at my trainers for losing their patience. I thought, hey it’s their job to help me and be patient. Now those words are ringing in my ears. This week has also been very humbling. It’s hard having someone who has been a missionary for 3 days tell you things you’re not doing well, but that’s how we learn right??

Actually poor Hermana Arragui got sent all the way back to the capital to sign her visa. She’s there right now. I’m staying with 2 other hermanas whose companions had to go too. We’re having fun. One went to a Catholic high school and learned English there and last night started saying the Lord’s prayer in English. I died it was so funny. And not apostate at all hahahah. Ummm I always get so sidetracked when I write emails.

We have been making an effort to get to know lots more members and work with them. It’s hard getting to know everyone, but necessary. We got a ton of references this week! So much better than knocking doors.

I was reading Alma 32 today. The last few verses are awesome and I highly recommend them.

All of our investigators are leaving on vacation which is frusterating, but there’s also nothing we can do about it. I kind of feel like our area is in a rut right now, so hopefully we’ll see some good stuff happening from the references we received. Guatemala in Christmas is simpler. Although there are lights and decorations. I still like Christmas music in English better.


Have a great week! Eat lots of christmas cookies.

Hermana Scruggs


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