Week 29

Hola everyone!

I cannot believe Christmas is in a couple weeks. It is awesome to be a missionary about Christmas because we are representatives of Christ and get to talk about and celebrate his birth. The work here is also a little tricky because December is everyone’s month off. Everyone is on vacation, including members so it’s complicated things a bit. Training I think has helped me stay focused especially this time of year. Decemeber is kind of infamous for being a super “baggy” month. I think they say trunkey in the States. But baggy basically just means being homesick, thinking about home, thinking about finishing your mission, thinking about airports, girl or boyfriends, etc. It takes a lot of self-discipline to stay focused, but we really have to in order to have the Spirit with us.

This week I have been learning more about dilligence and patience. I feel like the last 2 changes all of my fechas (baptismal dates) have just been falling and falling. The pressure has really been on to baptize in the mission since October because well that is what we’re supposed to do. At the beginning of this week I was just feeling kind of discouraged and the stress of motherhood was kind of getting to me, but I realized I can either feel stressed or I can just work and trust God’s timing. It’s fun reading about Alma and the Sons of Mosiah and how they just bore their afflictions with patience and God gave them success. Obviously I can relate more to their stories now. Because really there is a certain grind to missionary work. We wake up at the same time everyday, take the same cold shower, and by 8 o’clock we start working basically non-stop until we go to bed. If you’re tired, if you have a fever, if you’re crying, if your feet hurt, or if you just don’t feel like doing anything…as Nike would say you just do it. And then it makes you happy and you feel the Spirit. You have one great lesson and it’s fulfilling and makes it all so worth it.

And I really have seen a lot of work paying off:

-We are teaching one of the references we received from last week. His name is Jose Luis, a friend of a member. We have only taught him once so I really don’t know him that well yet. He went to church yesterday!! I’m not kidding I almost cried I was so happy when I walked in and saw him there. The plan is to put a baptismal date with him for the 27th of December. -Do you remember Carmen? We knocked on her door one night, and by the next appointment she basically knew the church was true. She would have been baptized awhile ago but she started working 8am-11pm everyday so we could never visit her. We had the idea to go by her house on Tuesday just to see if she was there and she was! Another miracle. She happened to have one day off. Being in tune with the Spirit is so so crucial in this work. She is still reading the Book of Mormon and it looks like she is getting a new job on next week so hopefully we will be able to start teaching her again!

-And in lots of other ways but those are two that came to mind right now.


Funny thing this week: we had the stake Christmas activity. I didn’t realize that it was a devotional, not just like an activity so when I saw everyone in skirts I freaked out and thought I wasn’t dressed right. Then I realized that I basically haven’t worn pants in 7 months and laughed at myself.

For some reason I have been studying the fall of Adam and Eve a lot lately. It’s not really very productive because we don’t explain that much about it when we teach. But I think it’s fascinating. It doesn’t actually say anywhere what type of fruit they actually ate so I’m convinced it was a chocobanana which explains a lot. It’s been fun introducing my comp to all the awesome Guatemalan food and words they use here.


Pizza quotes that have all been quoted in the last week, I’m not kidding:

-“I can’t make everyone happy. I’m not a pizza.¨”

-Me: “How are you doing?” Hermana Arragui: “Good I’m just remembering mi momento with the pizza.” -In Pizza Hut: “I want a 5 meat pizza. Oh sorry, that’s in Domino’s. Here it’s meat lovers.” -Hermana Martinez (haahah we clearly eat a lot of pizza out here.)

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season! Christ lives. He loves us. This is a great time of year to spread the gospel. We can all share the good news!

Lots of love,

Hermana Scruggs


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