Week 30


Happy Monday! Happy almost Christmas. I hope you are all watching lots of cheesy Christmas movies, eating sugar cookies, and drinking lots of egg nog watered down with a little bit of milk. Trust me it’s better that way. This will be the first Navidad that I have ever passed with sun. It will be very strange. It’s nuts reading my friends’ emails who are serving in Europe freezing to death and here I am always just hunting for a fan to sit in front of.

Highlight of this week was our multi-zone Christmas conference! Oh it was amazing. And spiritual and fun. President Curtiss showed us a Ted Talk about having grit and having a growth mindset. Nathan Hale students if you’re reading this, I just about died. I guess the growth mindset thing is sweeping the entire globe. I love Ted Talks. Basically they have studied all sorts of people and the main idea is that hardwork and grit usually equals success, not just talent or intelligence. Can I please be a pysch or sociology major? The practical side of me will never let me, but I love learning about this kind of stuff. Anywho, I think that idea is very applicable to missionary work. We work, work, work, and then God does all of the real work. It doesn’t matter how many scriptures you have memorized or anything like that. I mean yes it helps, but really I feel like a lot of success in life just comes from showing up when you say you will and doing what you’re supposed to.

We also watched Home, which is a very odd but cute cartoon. Dreamworks is good at making weird ones. It was the District, or a Mormon Message so everyone was pretty psyched. Here are some pictures:


At the conference we also practiced contacting with the church Christmas videos. I am sure you have all seen them since you’re connected to the interweb and what not. But yes, they’re great and help us remember why Christmas is important. One of our recent converts told us yesterday that this is the first year he has really understood the true meaning of Christmas and started crying. The mish kind of brings that to a whole new level because we don’t really have any of the commerical aspects or many of the normal American Christmas traditions out here. Hence why you all have to eat some cookies and egg nog for me. But I am thankful for the Savior, for His life, birth, and the impact He has had on every one of our lives. He loves us and is just waiting to bless us if we just ask. He really is why we celebrate Christmas.

Some other thoughts:

-Secret to success in missionary work: Be interested in other people. Remember details about their lives. If you’re not interested in them, pretend to be interested until you actually are.

-Remember how I talked about staying focused last week? Man it’s hard. Like for example, our neighbors were blasting ABBA in spanish during weekly planning on Friday. Turns out ABBA is still good in spanish. Another example, last night we were trying to teach a less active family but they weren’t paying attention to us because the Miss Universe pagent was on. I have all sorts of commentaries about beauty pagents I will spare you from, but it also got me thinking about Miss Congeniality and Sandra Bullock and oh I digress. But basically yeah, it’s a constant battle to stay focused. -Training is weird, hard, rewarding and has made me learn all sorts of things that I wasn’t that interested in learning. I don’t really like telling people things they don’t want to hear, and I don’t particularly like hearing things I don’t want to hear. Although both are parts of being in a companionship, especially between trainers and trainees. So it’s good.

Jose Luis is going to get baptized. I know it. He just has a little bit more complicated of a back story than we thought, so it might take a little longer. Someone is getting baptized in this area before I leave! Okay? Okay.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Hermana Scruggs


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