Week 32

Hello friends and family,

Happy new year! I passed New Year’s pretty uneventfully out here. Well honestly at home I wouldn’t really do anything either…but basically we ate more tamales and dodged more fireworks in the street. I heard the fireworks going off at midnight and I listened and rolled over and went back to sleep. Pretty much nothing can disturb me between10:30-6:30. Nothing.

Also changes happened! Oh changes. Or transfers as you say in the states. Drumroll…Hermana Arragui and I are staying together in Trebol. I’m excited. She’s probably been the easiest companion for me to work and get along with. We have a lot of potential in our area. Part of me is also getting kind of bored/frusterated in my area as well, so I’m sure that’s why I’m staying. By the end of this change it’ll be 5 1/2 months here. This is my first time having a companion for 2 changes consecutively. It’s nice. Less transitioning and packing and buses. We just get to keep working. I’ll finish Hermana Arragui’s training!

Earlier this week we went to visit one of our recent converts. Basically he doesn’t want to read the Book of Mormon so we went to give him cincho (cincho means belt, so you can imagine…haha but it’s just a saying here.) But there were two of the returned sister missionaries from the ward their visiting them. We had such an awesome lesson with him. We were laughing and joking and then all the sudden one of us was bearing our testimony. The Spirit was super strong. That night I was just thinking about how much love and respect I have for those returned hermanas. They help us so much. I really admire them for serving, doing this mission thing for 18 months, and now they’re home still doing this work.

Another fun thing was having lunch with the other hermanas and the Bakes on New Year’s Day! They give us tons of food. They asked us the what the hardest and the best parts about missionary work are. I have all sorts of complicated feelings about my mission, but basically for me the hardest parts for me are being away from home and never having free time and constantly living by the schedule. The best parts are just making people’s day a little bit better, learning more about the gospel, and the people. Oh mentioning the schedule reminded me that I broke my watch this week. It’s hard to function without one. A member in our area has a watch repair place and said it was officially dead. But he gave me another one. Super nice of him!

What else has happened? I used a coat this week! Whaaat? Yeah it’s actually been kind of chilly. And they finally called us a ward mission leader after 2 months without one! Viva! And my comp had her first cup of noodle this week. And a bug peed on her neck which left this gnarly burn, so it looks like she has a hicky. I probably shouldn’t say that, but it’s too funny.

Our investigators make me feel impatient. That’s the other hard thing about missionary work. People get to do what they want. We get so invested in their lives and it’s beyond hard to see them reject the gospel. But I know there are people who are ready and waiting!

Have a great week!

Hermana Scruggs


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