Week 34


Happy Monday! This week has gone by super fast. Like all of them. I dreamed last night that I opened my email and didn’t have a single email. So sad. Hahah luckily I did have some though.

Psych! Jose Luis isn’t getting baptized on the 23rd. We’re not sure when, but I really hope it’s before I leave this area.

We’re teaching a new investigator, Eddy who came to church yesterday! Really I think it’s a miracle anytime anyone goes to church.

Just a couple years ago he was basically disabled after having repeated seizures. Now you can’t even tell. He’s awesome and I’m excited to keep teaching him!

Teaching lessons is really intense sometimes.We had 3 really intense lessons in a row on Saturday. People have real problems and conflicts in their life and it’s our job to tune in to all of it. I think when we teach the right way it does get kind of intense. We basically have to just be in tune with the Spirit in order to say what people need to hear. Let’s all be interested in other people!

It makes you feel better, I promise. The gospel really helps everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or what problems you have…the Savior can help you!

Some other highlights:

-We watched a Mormon Message with an investigator. He’s super Christian and asked for the rest of my videos. So of course I gave him my flashdrive which he then broke. It was very unfortunate because I had some great Law of Chastity videos I was going to give him.

Luckily I fixed my flashdrive, so I will go back and get those to him.

-I think I needed a 4th change here so my investigators and members could learn how to pronounce my last name. Most of them still can’t. Although a little girl who I taught ONCE did learn my name and always yells “hola Hermana Scruggs” real loud in the street, so that’s something.

-The last couple weeks I have been making a concentrated effort to learn more Spanish. I have gotten to the point where I can understand a conversation even if I don’t understand all the words. I can pretty much get my point accross even if I don’t know exactly how to say something. So I am trying to write down new words I hear and ask my companion new ways to say things. Sometimes I miss English. Whenever I try to help my companion learn English I realize how lucky I am to have it as my first langauge. It really makes no sense. -Vilma, a great investigator we were teaching whose 13 years old can’t keep listening to us because she has to start working in a tortillaria like more than full time. Her mom does the same thing and all of her younger siblings stay home alone all day instead of going to school. I have learned more about the cycle of poverty here than I wanted to. It’s really, really sad.

In our zone meeting our zone leaders asked all of us think about if we were enjoying our mission. The answer is YES! I used to get stressed if I was enjoying it enough or if I was focusing on time too much, and stuff like that. But I realized thinking about that stuff is pointless. So I am just trying to enjoy as much of everyday as I can! God helps us keep smiling on the hard days and we learn through it all. So I really am loving it.


Turns out Global Visionaries didn’t make me as good as house building as I thought. But it was fun laying a couple cinderblocks with Hermana Witcho. Please don’t be envious of my Mary Jane tanline.



An action shot of me making empanadas! Cooking here is fun.


I found Dory (my dog) in puppy form here!


Have a great week!

Hermana Scruggs


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