Week 35

Hola everyone,

Well I cant figure out how to use this keyboard so this weeks email may be a tad grammatically incorrect.

We started the week in divisions. I really like doing divisions…something different in the rountine. This is the first time I have gotten to leave my area in divisions. I got to work with Hermana Riley in Santa Elena and FLORES. You should look up pictures of Flores it is so pretty. My camera isnt letting me upload mine. I have to say it was kind of strange being out of my area for a day. When I came back it felt like going to school after missing a day. I was just a little bit behind on everything.

Wednesday we watched the worldwide missionary broadcast…teach repentance to baptize converts. It was great, of course. It was also hilarious watching missionaries looking up scriptures with their ipads. I wonder what it would be like to serve in the States with an ipad and a car and speak English…Anywho it made me happy thinking about all my friends serving missions literally all over the world. Living in the freshmen dorms at BYU means that 90 percent of the people I met last year are all serving missions right now. I love it. One thing that stuck out to me were that if we dont know what to say in a lesson, we should talk about the Savior.

Jose Luis was stressing me out earlier this week. He hadnt been able to come to like 3 appointments in a row. However we found him and he had really good reasons for not showing up. He has his interview this week and after he passes we will be able to put a date with him. The process of teaching him has been very complicated and gratifying. I really hope I can be here for his baptism.

Please pray for him, he is incredible! Teaching him has really strengthened my testimony of the Atonement and how it really truly changes lives.

Yesterday we went to visit one of our recent converts and her grandma in the hospital. Holy cow. Scary and sad. I count my blessings everyday for growing up where I did and for being healthy!

Hermana Arragui fell asleep during her prayer last night. It was awesome and I told her that she passed initiation into the mission. We are having a lot of fun together. We watch a lot of district videos when we do her training. I can relate to those videos kind of a frightening amount than I could before.

I also tried my first chocowatermelon on Saturday. Turns out that watermelon is basically water and so I pretty much ate chocolate covered ice.

Elder Cook is coming to Peten this Wednesday!!! This is the first time an apostle has come to this part of Guatemala. I am so stoked. The missionaries in this part of the mission have a special conference with him. It will be like me and like 40 other missionaries! I am accompanying on piano for some elders who are singing which is terrifying. If I can survive this, I can play in front of anyone right?

Have a lovely week!


Hermana Scruggs


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