Week 36

Hi everyone,

Well it’s officially February. Not sure how that happened. Here in Peten it dropped to like 50 degrees this week. Best week ever. Although the people here we’re not super pleased and they all got the flu. However not to worry it’s back up to 90 degrees today.

Highlight of the week and probably my mission was the special conference we had with Elder Cook on Wednesday. Being at BYU and living in Utah got me kind of used to hearing/seeing apostles on a semi-regular basis…but this conference made me realize how incredibly privilleged we are to have apostles and prophets on the earth today. The Spirit was so strong in that meeting and he shared things that all the missionaries needed to hear. It neat to hear him explain how he casually helped write Preach My Gospel with the First Presidency and how are all of the mission calls are assigned. The first piece of advice he told us is that “you are kingdom builders!” I have been struggling to get people in the water lately, so that was a great reminder…we’re hear to help and serve our wards and do everything that is asked of us, not just to say we had baptisms.

We had interviews with Hermana and President Curtiss this week as well. I love them. I could seriously talk to them all day long, but sadly it’s only once every 3 months.

Speaking of not having baptisms looks like Jose Luis has to wait. I LOVE BEING PATIENT. It’s teaching me how to measure success in lots of different ways. For example…

-We had 6 investigators in church yesterday and they all came by themselves. And oh me of little faith didn’t think they would show.

-We had an incredible lesson with a girl named Natali on Tuesday. She’s super evangelica and isn’t that interested in the church. I could see the adversary working with her right there…but words were just being put into our mouths and I was grateful. -Saturday we contacted a guy named Alfredo, Sunday he was in church, and now he’s telling all of his kids about us. You never know who is ready! -Our area is starting to progress more. Slowly but surely we’re starting to see more potential.


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the responsibility we have as missionaries. I am a 20 year old, still working on learning normal human things like flossing on a regular basis and trying to keep my desk clean. Yet, people’s salvation is in my hands. I read Alma 17 and 18 this morning which reminded me it’s possible. My problems around this time last year were me being tired and not wanting to go to my snowboarding class and me being really sick of Cannon Center food. So yeah….the mission kind of puts life into perspective.

Funny quote from this week:

“Hermano, what’s our purpose here on earth?”

“To progress, learn, and eat.”  True.


Drinking coconut milk and me starting into outer space.



Mi hija and I after the conference with Elder Cook.

Love you all!

Hermana Scruggs


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