Week 37


Well everyone let’s see if I can remember what happened this week…

Tuesday was 90 something degrees here. The sun is awesome when you have air conditioning and cars and those sorts of things. But as a missionary it really just makes everything more challenging. Thankfully the rest of the week was a lot cooler and rainy. People in Peten here don’t handle rain very well. Everything shuts down, no one leaves their houses and drinks hot chocolate. Like in Seattle when there’s snow.

Jose Luis moved out of our area and decided he no longer wants to go to church. Thankfully he’s in the area of the elders and the same ward, so we can still keep an eye on him…but I’m pretty disapointed. He was basically ready to be baptized and then a couple challenges came his way and now he doesn’t want anything. Choosing faith instead of fear has been a battle for me on my mission. It’s getting harder for me to have faith that people will accept the gospel because it is so heartbreaking when they don’t. I know everything will work out. It’s not even about baptisms for me anymore. It’s just sad when you love your investigators and see them make choices that you know are going to make them unhappy in the long run.

That is depressing. I’m sorry. I think I whine too much in these emails. But I say honesty is the best policy. The Missionary Handbook says I’m supposed to talk about spiritual experiences.

Sooo on Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with Sandy, one of our recent converts. We watched the Resturation (woah did I spell that write?

Spanish is messing up my English) video with her and just talked about it after. The Spirit was super strong. Sunday in testimony meeting she got up and said that that experience helped her remember why she joined the church because she was having some doubts. We certainly don’t do this work to get public recognition or even thanks. But it was just gratifying to know that we were able to help her.

Well week 6 has snuck up on us which means this Saturday we find out about ch-ch-changes. I’m ready for a new area. Leaving and saying goodbye to members and investigators is going to be really hard, but I would like to mix things up. Packing will also be hard. It’s amazing how many important things (junk) you can acquire in 5 months. I’d like to train again, but we’ll see what happens!

Have a wonderful week!

Lots of love,

Hermana Scruggs


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