Week 39

Hi everyone!

Where do I even start? Did you know opening an area and training at the same time is hard??? Well turns out it is. With Hermana Arragui I could focus a lot on her and our companionship right off the bat because I knew our area already. But it’s great. It’s a challenge! Well the last week has gone something like this:

Bus to Coban. Meet new comp. Bus to Dolores (The name of my new area. Dolores means pains and all the missionaries say they leave this area with pain hahah). Find house. Dust. Moldy pillows. Read area book. Find investigators houses. Meet members. Pay 3 months worth of light bills.

Buy eggs, cereal, bananas, and milk to survive food wise. Buy water. Buy toliet paper. Find out who washes our clothes. Get to know companion.

Help her unpack. Teach her to use her planner. Ask everyone…what is this neighborhood called?? Bus to district meeting. New district. New Zone. New leaders. New missionaries. Meet all the investigators and try and pick up where the elders left off. Walk up hills in mud (this is my first muddy area). Unpack myself. Hang up our mosquito nets…in the dark because the elders who were here before left no light bulbs that worked. Buy light bulbs. Teach companion what weekly planning is. Doing weekly planning in an area I don’t know. Eat chocolate. Breathe. Go to church and meet the great members here.

It has been LOCO. And I have learned a whole lot. I think the hardest part of is behind me. I am excited to get into a good rythmn. I stress myself into adjusting quickly. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

Hermana Herrera is my new comp. Another Chileana. I have decided I am going to be training exclusively Chileans from now on. She is great and a powerful teacher. I forgot it’s really hard to be a new missionary, but she is ready to go to work which I am thankful for.

Speaking of adjusting, remember last week when I said I was sad because I wasn’t sure if I would ever see people from my old area again? Hah.

I am in my old area with Hermana Arragui again. Both of our comps had to go sign their visas in the Captial, so we’re together for another day….bad because I am trying to focus on my new area and kind of super fun at the same time.

We had an investigator at church yesterday. Seriously a miracle. And he accepted a date to be baptized in March. His name is Oscar and he’s currently in Mosiah in the Book of Mormon…so he’s incredible! Please pray for him. I am so determined to baptize in this area. There has only been one in this area in a year!


This is the humblest area I have been in. Lots of farmers. There is corn everywhere!!

P-day in one of the coolest areas in the mission today. We climbed a tree!

We visited San Andres for Pday today. It is BEAUTIFUL. And I would love to work here one day.

Well I miss you all so much! The church is true! Woah my emails are so un-spiritual sometimes, but I promise my testimony is strengthened everyday out here. It is kind of exhuasting sometimes how much I learn everyday!



Hermana Scruggs


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