Week 41 – 3/7/16

Hi everyone!

Woah it’s already March. I always detested March in school because there was no midwinter or spring break. However out here every week and month are pretty similar haha. This change is flying by. We’re already into week 4.

Oscar, our superstar investigator is doing great! He’s been to church twice now and is getting baptized on the 19th of March! It’s happening!

Okay?? I am having more faith. I want the blind faith both my hijas have had coming out of the CCM. But really he is so awesome. He is just reading and studying like crazy. Amazing what happens when investigators actually keep their commitments. Please pray for him. Missionaries want your prayers, but we want them even more for our investigators.

Milvia and Jamie…they are 2 of the 4 sisters I talked about. They love listening and say they want to be baptized but yesterday they didn’t go to church. We went and found them where they were washing clothes yesterday morning. But they said they had already brought their clothes to the river and didn’t want to have to come back later in the day…it was disappointing. I have heard lots of good and bad excuses for not going to church, but the conclusion I have drawn is that everyone should go and they’ll get blessings!

I have been studying a little bit about church history this week. Missionaries in that time had the Book of Mormon and their testimonies. I have SO MANY resources and it still feels impossible sometimes. I have so much respect for those earlier members!

Other news:

-I started teaching English classes this week. I have been kind of hesitant to do this my whole mission because what do I know about teaching English? I mean I guess I know English, but teaching it is hard. We basically did colors, numbers, and the alphabet though. Nothing too complicated. It was lots of fun too. I love the members here. -I started dozing off in a lesson this week with a less active we met for the first time. Turns out he is blind so I kind of dodged a bullet there.

-We went out to burn out trash this morning in our pajamas and blankets. Our landlord said she would burn it for us and then brought us hot chocolate because she said we looked cold…oh Guatemala 🙂 -We got to help serve food at our branch prez’s daughter’s wedding. It was possibly the loudest and most chaotic 2 hours of my life, but super fun to see a wedding here!


I have taken too many of these random standing in the road pictures, but I am living in the Guatemala jungle so I have to take pictures!

Now for something spiritual…I have been trying to develop some of the qualities in Alma 7:23. I highly recommend it. Patience, charity, and all that good stuff. The Savior was the only perfect missionary, but I try to become a little bit more like Him everyday.

Lots of love,

Hermana Scruggs


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