Week 42 – 3/14/16

Hello hello,

This has been a great week! We have had lots of great appointments and seen lots of little miracles, so let’s see if I can remember some of it. The only down side was that the sun came back out this week..just like Annie said it would. The last month had been so blissfully 60 degrees until this week. It’s also humid, hence the subject of this email. Okay I really shouldn’t whine about the weather.

Oscar is getting baptized this Friday!!! I cannot wait. The elders have 3 baptisms as well. It will be a happy day here in Dolores. Oscar is incredible and the most studious, dedicated investigator I have had. He’s already in Alma in the Book of Mormon. It also warms my little missionary heart to see a full teaching record. He has decided to get baptized even though his very evangelico (I don’t know how to say this in English) father doesn’t want him to. His dad literally stands outside the door of lessons singing hymns from his church and playing guitar.


We teach a lot of lessons outside by candlelight or campfire at night in this area. I love it. It reminds me of girls’ camp. And I mean doesn’t everyone feel the Spirit more around a campfire??

This week at correlation our mission leader started the meeting super serious and was like “okay elderes y hermanas…I have something really important to tell you.” It freaked me out because I thought he had bad news about the branch…but it turns out he had a dream an elder from our branch got bit by a dog and then when he went to go invesitgate it turned out to be me. Hahaha, luckily his dream has yet to come true.

A chicken laid an egg in front of us in a lesson yesterday. I thought it was pretty exciting.

I should probably talk more about my investigators because they are really what my life revolves around. Let’s see…Baudilio and Gloria are brother and sister who live up the mountain. They came to church yesterday and both want to be baptized. We always seem to find really prepared people that live up mountain sides.

We have been studying the worth of a soul and the Atonement as a mission these last couple months. I thought the 2 topics were really random, but I have learned that the worth of our souls is the potential to become like God. We all have that potential because of the Atonement, but it depends if we choose to repent. Our job as missionaries is to preach repentance…so we have a huge responsibility!

Food for thought:

“Courage is…every virtue at its testing point.”-C.S. Lewis


These are the elders in our branch. We eat lunch (at separate tables) with our neighbor everyday. That is Fernando the dog. He’s a stud. Also I look exactly the same in every selfie I take here which is awkward.


The only other hermanas in our district.


This picture is old, but I realized I never sent it. Do you remember Alida? She got baptized with Hermana Guerrero and I back in September.

When I got to take my little field trip back to Trebol awhile back I got to go see her. She just got married to one of the hermanos in the ward. They’re planning on going to the temple to be sealed once she completes a year. Seriously pure missionary joy!

Well tomorrow we have a multi-zone conference which everyone is psyched for. And we have Oscar’s baptism, so it’s going to be a good week!

Hope your’s is as well.

Hey Provo friends if anyone could ship me a gyro truck gyro and a dirty Dr Pepper I would really appreciate it. For some reason I have been craving that all week.


Hermana eh-screw-gul (it takes a minimum of 2 changes for people to learn how to pronounce my last name here)


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