Week 43 – 3/21/16


Woah another week down! I honestly feel like I was just emailing like a day ago. This week has been incredible!

We had the multi-zone conference on Tuesday. They’re always the best…we get to see friends from all over, learn lots, and eat! I loved President Curtiss’ message about developing Christlike attributes…that we have to develop charity first. If we have charity the rest of them will come a lot easier. We just have to love people first.


This is my mission family…my 2 hijas and my nieta (Hermana Arragui’s hija)



I am just thankful for all the stars in the universe that lined up just perfectly so I got to be here for this day and have been able to teach him. Honestly I think the rewarding part about missionary work is going through the whole journey with the investigator, not just seeing their baptism. I haven’t seen a baptism for almost 7 months (that’s a long time for Central Amera!), so I have definitely learned how to measure success in other ways.

Oscar told us he has felt lost for the last year becuase he stopped going to church until he started coming with us. He told us he knew this was the answer to his prayers. He’s made a lot of friends in our little branch and I can’t wait to see him keep progressing in the gospel.

I successfully guessed the ages of 5 kids in a family we contacted yesterday…impressive right?

We have lots of good stuff happening in our area right now. Lots of references and part member families we’re working with. We have hardly had to contact at all this week which is how I like it. This is going to sound weird, but almost too many people let us in here. Everyone is so nice and always let us talk to them, but a lot of the times they really aren’t going to progress.

We’re heading into Semana Santa here…and Easter! Everyone is thinking about the Savior so it’s great for us missionaries.


Our Relief Society had a cute activity for the anniversary.


All the missionaries here take pictures with parrots on their heads, so I had to do it!

This email was weird and all over the place, but I’m happy here! Missionary work is the best. We find out about transfers on Saturday. I really hope I don’t move. I don’t think Hermana Herrera or I will have changes because we’ve only been here for a month, but who knows!


Hermana Scruggs


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