Week 44 – 3/28/16

Friends and fam,

Normally week 6 I feel a little antsy because that’s when we find out about changes. However this week, I barely thought about it because I was like 95% sure Hermana Herrera and I were staying put, but surprise! I’m going to Coban. I really didn’t want to leave Dolores, I felt like I was just getting started. But I have to say I am excited for a cooler climate in Coban. And I’ll be near the mission office and Subway and McDonalds so that will also be okay. Every transfer I have had has been drastic.

A lot of people just hop over an area in their district. I’ve been assigned all over the mission!

The other big news is that I got assigned to be a sister training leader! Or hermana lider as we say here. Basically I will get to work with a third of the sisters in the mission…do divisions, help train, teach in conferences, stuff like that. It’s a LOT of work. Lots of traveling and meetings. i honestly don’t know how the hermanas lideres do it. Missionary work alone is exhausting enough. However I have learned that everytime something seems difficult as a missionary, that yes it can be done because we don’t have a choice hahah. I’m excited and freaked out. I feel like I still have so much to learn which is probably why I got this assignment. I am going to be comps with Hermana Martinez again! It’s going to be great!

What else? Easter is not a big deal here…everyone goes on to the beach. But it was nice sharing the Easter video and reflecting a little bit more about the Savior’s life. And Women’s Conference! Great messages and wasn’t the choir fabulous?

Saying goodbye to Dolores was sad. I don’t like goodbyes. I do my best to keep them as low key as possible. Too many feelings. This is just how the mission goes.


Goodbye pictures. Familia Gomez. This family basically does all of the callings. They’re wonderful!


Oscar and Ilder…both recent converts and good buddies. Oscar passed the Sacrament yesterday! It was an exciting moment. I am bummed I won’t get to see him keep progressing.


“Jesus died for our pescados” (pecado is sin and pescados is fish) hahahah a little 10 year old boy we were teaching. It was adorable.

-“There’s lots of you mormoncitos runnning around aren’t there?”

A kid also ran a kite into my face this week. I think missionary work is taking a toll on my reflexes.

Well I am getting on a bus to head to Coban tomorrow. I love this work, it is so infuriating and wonderful at the same time. Hope you’re all reading your scriptures and saying your prayers. Little things make a big difference!


Hermana Scruggs



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