Week 45 – 4/4/16


Well this is honestly my dream change coming true. It almost seems unfair. I escaped Peten heat (my last area 113 degrees this week), I’m with Hermana Martinez again, and being an hermana leader is just fun. It’s like 50 degrees out. Perfectly sweater wheather. President and Hermana Curtiss live about 10 minutes from our house. I’m near the mission office and I get to missionaries from all over the mish (Dolores was seriously so far away from civilization). Actually friends who also know Elder Toolson- I just ran into him at Taco Bell. Hopefully he’ll send the picture because apparently this computer burns memory cards.

elder toolson

My head is spinning with the amount of things I’m trying to figure out…I am learning this area and this ward which always takes a little while. The beginning of changes is apparently always a little nuts for hermana leaders. We are trying to squish a ton of divisions and meetings into 2 weeks. We are on the phone a lot. Pretty much my brain doesn’t stop working unless I’m asleep. BUT HEY I HAD MY FIRST DREAM IN SPANISH. It means I totally made it, right? It’s tiring, but I like it a lot. It’s fun getting to know more hermanas and more of the mission!

First adventure doing divisions- I got to go back to Salama! It was so much fun to see some members and Raquel (my first convert.) She went out to visit with us and she’s doing really well. We also talked to a less active member I used to visit. He was been a pastor for 15 years in an evangelical church, but is now active in church! When the hermanas told me I didn’t believe them at all because he was seriously so so pastor-y. But he was like confirming the times for General Conference and ward activities. I am still in shock! I love missionary work.

Speaking of General Conference…of course it was fantastic.I always liked Conference before my mission, but as a missionary it is honestly the best weekend besides Christmas and Mother’s Day. I am pretty obsessed with every talk from the Saturday morning session. The phrase “He did this just for me” was one of my favorites. Also Bonnie Oscarson’s talk because it was so perfect for investigators.

We are teaching an awesome 16 year old named Gunther. He’s hopefully getting baptized this month. Ahh out of time!

Love you all! Pictures next week!

Hermana Scruggs


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