Week 46 – 4/11/16

Hola hola,

This week was SO BUSY. Seriously we had something crazy going on everyday this week. Lesson learned: don’t write anything in your planner in pen. Our plans are always changing. I am learning how to hyper-focus on my area and then being able to switch gears and hyper-focus on hermana leader stuff. I am definitely learning how to use my time well!

We started off with what we call concilio. I don’t really know what it translates to, but it’s basically a meeting once a month with all the zone leaders and hermana leaders in the mission. We hear from President and Hermana Curtiss, the assistants and usually we teach as well. I really enjoyed it! I am working with a lot of really great missionaries. After concilio we go to zone meetings and teach about what we learned in concilio to everyone else. It’s awesome and keeps us busy!


I’m bummed this is kind of blurry.

I’m slowly getting to know my area. I went from one of the smallest branches to one of the biggest wards, so it certainly feels different. It also feels like we are hardly there because we’re traveling or in meetings. There’s 4 sets of missionaries in our ward, so we only have a few of the members which makes it a little trickier. I’m super happy to be in Coban though!

Gunther is hopefully getting baptized this Saturday! That does not sound like I have very much faith, but he’s a pretty complicated 16 year old. We’ll be working hard with him this week!

We had interviews with President and Hermana Curtiss this week. I love interviews. We talked about how to measure success as missionaries. I personally think there’s so much more to it than just counting baptisms, but hey RMs if you have any thoughts I would love to hear them.

I’m seriously loving this change. I basically just get to hang out and work with my best friend all day. We’re both forgetting English so our Spanglish is coming out reeeeaal good. Selfies from this week:

We found a crepe place here. I also finally cut my hair. It’s pretty short, but I like it.

I went to an area called Tactic to do divisions. I was with one of the most incredible hermanas in our mission. She has trained 4 times and so I felt like I was just learning from her all day. Divisions are fun. It’s like a fun field trip and I get to know more missionaries and more of the mission.

Quotes of the week:

-“Did you just hit me on the head with a frozen tortilla?”

-“I like doing planning next to the baptismal font. Gets me inspired.”

We are studying the Restoration as a mission right now. Pretty much everyone here is either Catholic and think the Catholic church is the true church or they’re Evangelic and think all churches are great. Both beliefs are hard to work with. I’m thankful for the Priesthood, prophets and the Book of Mormon.

Little miracle from last Sunday night: we had an hour left and still needed to fin 3 new investigators to meet our goal. We headed off and then I fell in the mud super gracefully and got really dirty. I was tempted to just go home and call it a day, but instead we said a prayer asking to find a family before going home. Well, we found the family and met the goal. I don’t want to take these little moments for granted, but sometimes I do.

Oh my goodness I’m exhausted. I’ll sleep one day, right?

Have a wonderful week! I miss you all!

Hermana Crocs


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