Week 47 – 4/18/16


This week as incredible because Gunter got baptized! Seriously last Monday when I was writing I had no idea if it was going to happen, he was so undecided and still had a lot of problems to resolve, but last Monday he announced in a Family Home Evening with the Bishop that he was going to prepare himself for the 16th! It was the answer to a LOT of prayers and fasts. When I met him 3 weeks ago he was smoking lots of of stuff he shouldn’t have been, going to another church, and just not that converted. He really seems like a different guy now. Other hermanas have been working for months with him before I showed up, but I am so thankful I got to play a small role in his story.


Gunter is the shorter one and Harrison is another recent convert who got baptized about a month ago. We forced them to be friends and now I think they’re actual friends 🙂 It’s adorable. And Gunter showed up in a suit to his baptism which was also adorable. Me and Hermana Martinez have basically just been happy screaming all week about him. Gunter’s mom came to his baptism and was just crying about how happy she was. I think this is the most dramatic change I have seen in any of my recent converts and it’s so so gratifying to see how the gospel is helping him and his family. His mom is next!!! Seriously there are a lot of things that make me happy out here, but it’s hard to beat seeing people get baptized!

Alright what else happened this week? We contacted this like 75 year old guy who turns out is a Boy Scout…and I was like isn’t it Boy Scouts of America?? Well turns out it exists here too. Then the next day he showed up at the church in his Boy Scout outfit because he is helping to put the Scouting program into our ward. I wanted to take a picture with him SOOO badly because it was hilarious and awesome. Be prepared.

We did more divisions this week. I stayed in my area and didn’t get lost! I have decided being an hermana leader is like a mix of being a zone leader, district leader, and a camp counselor. The exhaustion part of it is starting to set in. We’re often on buses when we’re supposed to be asleep! A lot of our hermanas are baptizing which is really exciting! We get to know a lot about their investigators, so it’s neat to hear about when they get baptized.


Stair workout anyone?? Coban is infamous for its hills. I didn’t think my calves could get any bigger but they probably will.


We had breakfast with the Starkeys this morning! It was lovely and made me feel at home. I love being buds with the senior couples 🙂 They are finishing up their second mission and after 6 months at home they’re heading out again. I hope I am that awesome one day.

Yesterday we had ward conference yesterday and I successfully accompanied 2 musical numbers and the hymns. The stake counselor gave an awesome talk about tithing and how church members will always be in poverty until they start paying their tithing. We visited one of our recent converts who is really really poor later that night and tried to restate the message. We pay tithing not with money, but a lot of faith. I hope she will do it to receive the blessings. Even after months here, the poverty I am seeing up close still shocks me and makes me want to cry. Sometimes the work is sad and stressful, but we have to be happy! Sometimes I wish I could just be in a bad mood sometimes, but it doesn’t work very well hahah.

Well we have a lot of work to do in our area, Gunter was our only great prospect and now he’s a member sooo we need to find some more people who are ready.

Quotes of the week:

“Woah hold your caballos!”

“If we choose Christ, we will always choose right.” I love President Monson.

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Shcrums


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