Week 48 – 4/25/16

Hi everyone,

To start off, here’s half of me in the same frame as Elder Cook. No big deal.


We didn’t get to take any pictures when Elder Cook came to visit, so I kind of lucked out hahah.

Gunter is doing super awesome. Seriously everyone in the ward knows him. Once an investigator gets baptized we still have lots of worries as missionaries, so it’s nice to see him doing well!

Annnnd one of Gunter’s friends Josue is now listening to us. Our first visit with him he told us he has seen so many changes in Gunter that he believes it’s possible and wants to change his life. We left him a pamphlet about the Restoration and the next lesson he taught us the whole thing. It is seriously the most incredible thing. I can’t really describe how happy it makes us as missionaries. We’re hoping to get him baptized within the next couple weeks because he is seriously an escogido (as we say here.)

Also Gunter’s mom came to church yesterday and we’ve seen a ton of progress in her this week too! A couple weeks ago she really wanted nothing to do with us. Now she’s going to all the ward activities and has a bazillion friends in the ward. I love recent converts who are excited to share the gospel. Especially when they live in my area 🙂

We got two other references for 2 investigators who have apparently been going to church for a little awhile (that’s a big deal.) We’re going to go find them today and tomorrow. Lots of people who will be ready to be baptized in May!

What else??? Well we take buses everywhere here in Coban. They are crazy like Harry Potter buses that stop for about 2 seconds to let you on and then take off at 50MPH. Well earlier this week my water bottle fell and I reached down to grab it and fell flat on my face. It was embarrassing. That’s what I get for trying to hydrate myself. I am falling down a lot more in Coban than I ever have before.

Also I like being a missionary because we can call any other missionaries at 6:35 in the morning without being rude. And if they’re not already awake, we’re helping them be obedient.

Okay I found the cutest Guatemalan 5 year old twins here. Too much cute to handle.


We helped their mom sort some sort of bean or plant or something. And the 5 year olds were teaching us which were good ones and which ones were bad. It was adorable.


We helped Gunter’s mom Emma do her laundry. She told us to take a picture as proof that we actually know how to wash clothes by hand hahah. She didn’t believe us at first. I will never take a washing machine for granted again!

Well once again I have failed to say anything very spiritual. I’m studying Moroni 7:45 right now. That’s spiritual! Charity is definitely key in missionary work!

Love you and miss you all!

Hermana Scruggs




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