Week 49 – 5/2/16


This week was gooood. Not too much exciting stuff happened, but let’s see what I can remember.

Our investigators keep us very busy. We’re teaching a new hermana named Ana. She’s a reference and has already been to church 3 times which is incredible. The tricky part is that she basically only speaks Q’eqchi, a native language here. It has no resemblance to Spanish whatsoever, so we’ll be problem-solving that one.

We have tons of potential in our area right now. Two little cousins of a recent convert, Christopher and Anderson want to get baptized but we need permission from their aunt. We’re going tomorrow with a couple members, so we’ll see what happens.

Josue is still golden. I hope I’m around to see him get baptized!

We did divisions in Salama again. I remember when I left that area I thought I might never go back and it bummed me out. Now we’re there like once a week. Hah. The only bad part is that it’s 2 hours away, so we’re on the bus a lot. Luckily Hermana Martinez has taken a lot of really attractive pictures of me sleeping on the bus so I will never forget that part of my mission.

Otras cosas:

-Mangos are in season and cost about 10 cents and I’ve been eating them like candy. They are SO good.

-Is it bad to put bug spray on twice a day, everyday, for 18 months? I like use it instead of lotion when my skin is dry. I mean it’s great because it feels like camping everyday, but I feel like I will need a serious detox when I get home.

-We live next to a BINGO hall so every Friday and Saturday night the announcer helps us fall asleep.

-We’ve been teaching a lot of Plan of Salvation this week. Everyone has been asking us questions about worlds and aliens and galaxies. Outerspace stuff stresses me out because I don’t understand it, so yeah..

Speaking of Plan of Salvation I have been really studying the importance of baptism in the entire plan and it’s SO CRUCIAL. It’s certainly made me rethink about the importance of what I’m doing out here.

This coming week will be really crazy busy. Concilio (our meeting with Prez and all the zone leaders) is tomorrow. Then we’re running around to zone meetings. We have another set of divisions, studies with one compnionship, MOTHER’S DAY, and then we find out about changes! Neither of us want to move and I don’t think we will…but I’m trying to just not think about it. Changes are so weird.

Here’s another selfie of me with my backpack my hair in a bun:

Concilio weekend is fun because all the zone leaders come into Coban!

Quote of the week from my comp:

“Curiosity killed the cat then baptized the catholic.”

Well that’s all for now folks. I love this work and this crazy country. Maybe they’ll put a couple crosswalks here one day.


Hermana “ayyyy no, muy dificil su apellido”


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