Week 50 – 5/9/16


You know what? I will never be able to have a companion for more than one change. Just Hermana Arragui in her training. Hermana Martinez is leaving me.

We both have been so depressed since we found out on Saturday. We decided we were friends in the pre-existance because she almost trained me and then had an emergency change…then we were comps in Peten and got back together down here in Coban. It would have been too perfect to get one more change together. Prez called us and was like “I hate to break up the dynamic duo…” And were just like waaahh. The only good thing is I don’t have to kill her. She goes home at the end of next transfer and killing comps is lame for lots of reasons.

Basically changes take over everything especially as an hermana leader. We have hermanas staying at our house and there’s just missionaries running wild so all the leaders just try to hang on until the dust settles.

My new comp is named Hermana Fernandez. She is the one actually shaking the hand of Elder Cook in that picture I sent. She’s awesome! I’m excited to work with her. And she speaks English so that is a plus.

Skyping was wonderful of course! Kaeley asked me some food I was missing and I couldn’t think of much on the spot but here goes:

-Bagels and cream cheese. We have cream cheese here but no bagels -Hot cheetos and salt and vinegar potato chips -Pho, indian food, thai food, panda express (authentic), sushi, etc. Oh I miss Seattle.

-Pretzel M&Ms

-Cesar salad and all salad. We can’t eat very many raw veggies because parasites.

Also speaking of which I have a parasite which is rad. It’s my first one after 11 months so I’ve been pretty lucky. I’m still working on picking a cute name for him.

Also I have a foot fungus. Nuff said.

Also I had Dengue in February which I finally decided to tell my mom about over skype. Whoops. Happy Mother’s Day!


Presidente and Hermana Curtiss took me and Hermana Martinez out for lunch at like the fanciest place in Guatemala which was a blast.  They totally bibbed us.


Butterfly season! And a huge picture of my head hahah.


We got zone t-shirts that look like the Guatemalan soccer team shirts so here’s another self-timer picture of my zone. I’m pretty sure I have like 20 pictures like this.

My investigators are still alive. And I promise I actually focus a lot of my attention on them, just not as much in my emails!

Oh concilio happened this week too. It feels like it was a year ago, but we talked a lot about repentance and the Book of Mormon. Hermana Curtiss gave us a ton of cincho (cincho translates to belt) about not using the Book of Mormon enough in lessons, so we’re working on that as a mission.

Well life is good. It really is. I miss you all. Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Scrugger (what was accidentaly put on the back of my soccer jersey)


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