Week 51 – 5/16/16

Why did the missionary cross the road?

To contact the other side.

Hah this is a dumb joke but I made it up and think it’s hilarious…because it’s basically my life. I tell jokes when I call the sisters at night because sometimes it’s awkward so I thought I would share. If anyone wants to find some Spanish cow jokes it would be much appreciated.


One of the elders in my ward is from Hawaii and he did a Hawaiian dance at a ward activity this week which was fun! This whole week has been “family week” here. Lots of activities. I’m sort of happy it’s over because we haven’t had much time to work. But activities are important, shows we like to do normal things too.

One night we had an open house/tour of the building and each room was part of the Plan of Salvation. We taught spirit prison and paradise. Prison was covered and black tarps and paradise with lots of white and light. It was neat to see the stark contrast and I think it got some people thinking.

Alright week one of a new change isn’t always the funnest. My stress level has definitely kind of high this week. I stayed in my area, so I’m basically responsible for everything until my comp. catches up. Luckily she’s incredible and is learning quick. My tendency to over-analyze and overthink everything has certainly been my enemy during my mission. I’ve found it’s better to just go to work and stop thinking!

My investigators have not been cooperating this week. That’s definitely been stressful. There is nothing more gratifying to see your investigators keeping their commitments and nothing more frustrating when they don’t! Sometimes I feel like shaking people, but unfortunately that is frowned upon.

We’ve gotten a ton of references this week. That’s really boring but for missionaries it’s a big deal. In our mission about 1 of every 3 references gets baptized and 1 of every 15 we contact gets baptized soooo…

Tambien my foot fungus and my parasite are gone. Thought you ought to know.

I was very busy saving souls this week so I didn’t take too many pictures…but meet my new companion, Hermana Fernandez! She’s my first companion from Honduras. I adore her. And no joke she speaks better English than I do. It’s actually just making my Spanglish really really horrible. We go in and out of Spanish and English that so much that it’s messing up both languages for me! Also she is the one companion who finally was able to get me to use the Rrrrrr in words. I figured out how to roll my Rs back in the CCM but now I can actually use it in words. Progress.



I finally got to paint a house!! I have been wanting to do this my whole mission. Most people paint in December because they’re on vacation so I thought I missed out. Reading this caption I realize how ridiculous this sounds, but painting is fun!


This is Gunter’s little sister. She is a doll. She showed up on Sunday in the typical clothes all the Guatemalan women wear around here. But hers is tiny and adorable so we had to take a picture.

Well I’m trying to work hard. I miss being lazy. Sometimes I feel like jumping in a pool and then just taking a 5 hour nap…one day. But hey I get 18 months to just work and the blessings always come 🙂

Lots of love,

Hermana Scruccs (how they write it in the ward bulletin…almost!)


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