Week 52 – 5/23/16

Hello hello,

This week has been super busy. Surprise, surprise! I seriously don’t know how we do so much stuff in a week.

In no particular order:

-My companion finally got me to do zumba in the morning. I’ve been resisting my entire mission because I thought I would feel dumb. Turns out I was right but it’s actually a pretty good workout.

-Coban this week has been super duper hot in the morning and then by 4 o’clock it’s pouring rain. Like buckets just dumping on our heads. The combo has given me a gnarly sunburn and a running nose.

-There was an international half-marathon this Sunday in Coban which means no one was at church and no buses were running.


We showed up for an appointment with Josue our golden investigator and found a nice note that basically said “thanks for everything, but I had to leave and go work in the capital.” He was supposed to be baptized on the 21st so that was more than a little depressing. And our other investigator Ana who was also supposed to be baptized this month suddenly wants nothing to do with us!

So we had to move on from that little setback and now we’re teaching to little boys, Juanito and Victor. I pretty much avoid teaching kids like the plague because it’s just really complicated, but there mom is a member so I feel better about it. I tried to teach them with Hermana Martinez but they never listened, but now they seem ready! When I was wining to my district leader about Ana and Josue he told me we would find more prepared people and he was right! It certainly showed me if we set goals with the Spirit, we will be able to accomplish them.


Look who finally took a picture in divisions!


This is Martin the dog. He follows us around everywhere. We’re not allowed to have pets, so this is a good substitute. He’s Gunter’s neighbor’s dog. We had to call Gunter once to come get him though because we were afraid he was going to get lost hahah.


We had a meeting and then went to lunch with Hermana Curtiss and the other hermana leaders at a chinese restaurant. They all wanted me to speak Chinese to the owners…but I did wear my lucky red dress 🙂

Here’s another joke to break up this novel of an email:

What do you call an alligator in a vest?

An investigator

Also yes we’re allowed to wear pants now! Never in a million years thought that would happen. Coban is on the approved list.

I don’t know exactly how it will work in my mission because we haven’t gotten any official word from President yet…but yeah like all of you I think it’s weird. But I’m also excited because I get a lot of bug bites on my legs, so I think it’ll be good. It will also be hot…so I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’m more excited about sunglasses!!! I’ve been squinting for a year and it’s horrible, so yay sunglasses!!

Which reminds me guess who’s hitting their ONE YEAR mark this week? Yeah I’ll probably write more about it next week because I want to respond to some other emails, but yeah it’s freaking me out. A year ago today I was buying shoes (yeah I bought shoes like a week before I left…) and getting my last rabies shot (which thankfully has been a waste of money.) I had absolutely no clue what I was getting myself into when I said that teary goodbye at the airport a year ago (probably a good thing)…And then you see a Finding Dory poster and realize how fast time flies. Normal life feels so far away…

Have a great week!

Hermana Scruggs


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