Week 53 – 5/30/16

Hola hola!

I’m a broken record but I seriously felt like I was just emailing yesterday. Anywho…

Most exciting news…Victor and Juanito got baptized!!! We only started teaching them a little while ago, but it has been a lot of work to teach these guys. Juanito was really confused at the beginning…pescado means fish and pecado sin. So he thought he was going swimming with fishes when we first explained baptism. He’s come a long way! Look how cute they are. It was frustrating because at times we felt like we were fighting for them to get baptized 100 times more than their mom (who is a member), but it all worked out!

They got baptized Sunday morning before church, so they had their interview Saturday night. As we were filling out their baptismal registro we realized that Juanito is 8…and since his mom is a member he doesn’t count as a convert baptism. So he needed an interview with the bishop. Bishop is always there Sunday morning so we didn’t think it would be a problem…but he was out of town. Also Sunday morning we showed up and the pila (which takes 4 hours to fill up) was drained by accident after the elders baptism. It was insane! We were dumping trash cans of water into the pila and calling the whole world to get Juanito his interview. But hey they got baptized! And they were SO happy. And so were we 🙂 Like I said last week…we lost 2 but found 2 more! Also mom doesn’t that skirt look like our shower curtain?


What else? I made a goal to stop complaining about the weather and how tired I am. It is actually made a big difference! Big something to stop whining about and see if it works.


We had been walking around all day and no one let us in, hence the face.


We made flour tortillas with the bishop last Monday. They’re like the Cafe Rio tortillas. Definitely making them when I get home.


This is our Correlation meeting. We’re kind of outnumbered as you can see.

Quote of the week:

“Guatemala won’t progress until Krispy Kreme franchises here.” -Me

We are super busy. There’s lots of problems we are supposed to be solving with some of our hermanas, so that has kept us ocupadas. We stopped by President and hermana Curtiss’ house to us their bathroom and we got to chat with them for a little while and they sent us home with brownies. Perks of having the president in your area. Everytime I talk to them I learn things and leave feeling motivated to be better. I hope I can be that awesome and influential one day.

Ummmm yes I hit my year mark! I try not to think about time because I think it’s a good waste of time, but it feels good to hit a year. Now it’s the fight to stay focused. Once an hermana hits a year everyone says we’re basically going home…which is ridiculous because 6 months is a long time. I just want to work and enjoy all the time I have out here.

I can’t remember what else happened this week. Oh I did divisions with Hermana Ball. If BYU lets me in to the nursing program and I decide to do it, we’ll start the same semester which will be fun.

Well have a great week!

Hermana Scotch Tape


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