Week 54 – 6/6/16

Hi everyone,

This computer has deleted my email 3 times now, so I am officially annoyed. And this might be a little bit of a shorter email…

The assistants surprised us on Monday and told us we had concilio on Tuesday. That basically changed all the plans we had that week…but concilio was great! We talked about how to magnify our assignment as leaders. It brought me back to a lot of student council retreats. Good times. Then we went to go teach in a couple zone meetings. We basically taught the same thing, but about how to magnify our mission calls. We asked people to talk about how they felt opening their call. We lose some of the initial excitement we had opening our call when we get out here, so we tried to being some of that back! It’s hard having original things to teach in meetings sometimes. Basically as missionaries we are basically either teaching or in meetings, so we have to be creative thinking of new things to share!

All week we were having incredible lessons and finding really awesome people to teach. I left every lesson like “woah he/she’s getting baptized.” We had 10 people lined up to go to church and not a single one came! Ahhhhh!!! We can work hard all week, but really we need people to come to church.

One of our investigators Valdemar has had such a struggle going to church. We had a lesson with him and the assistants in the church and it was super powerful. I just thought “if he doesn’t come after that, I don’t know how he ever will..” And well, he didn’t. But that’s how it goes sometimes. I’m thankful we at least got to have an impact lesson with him.

However Gunter went up in testimony meeting and talked about how the gospel has changed his life which reminded me that this work is worth it. It’s awesome seeing converts doing well.

Rainy season has officially hit. By 3 or 4 o’clock it’s pouring. I think rain is way worse than heat because it makes it almost impossible to work. We don’t want to be outside knocking doors. And when we’re inside, the rain is so loud against the metal roofs that we just scream and I don’t think it’s very spiritual haha.

Other news:

-My appetite has all of the sudden accelerated and I’m eating like a teenage boy for some reason.

-I’m also eating mangos like a crazy person. I think mangos are now tied with strawberries for my favorite fruit. We can’t eat strawberries here because they’re dirty. -We are switching lunch ladies for a couple reasons and I’m scared. When we swtiched houses in Trebol the members involved got kind of mad…but hopefully it’ll be fine! Pray for us.

-Still haven’t worn pants yet, but we can.

-I miss the temple. Our ward just got back from a temple trip and were all sharing in testimony meeting.


Warming myself by a hot chocolate fire.


Elders can’t take a picture for us without taking a selfie first…


Hermana Starkey! Her and her husband go home at the end of the month. As do President and Hermana Curtiss. Trying to not think about that…


We had a fun p-day with the hermanas today. Everyone seemed kind of stressed so we planned some games, had a waterfight and bought a pinata! I’ll send pics in another email.

We have another insane week planned. We have a meeting with all the DLs tomorrow and our multi-zone conference tomorrow. I like being busy!

Also I’m in Guatemala where they speak Spanish so all of the words in my email show up as spelled incorrectly when I type. I never realized how reliant I am on spellcheck, but it’s true.

Thanks for your emails! It really is so so good to hear from you. Tell me anything, it’s not awkward I promise. I just like hearing what’s going on at home!


Hermana Scruggs


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