Week 55 – 6/13/16


This week and last week are officially tied as the busiest weeks of my mission! All week me and Hermana Fernandez have been saying “yes I’m excited for just a normal week in our area!”…which was supposed to be this week. Buuut the ZLs called and said our zone is not doing so hot and we need to have divisions with every companionship in our zone. That’ll be 3 divisions. We usually do one division a week because they require about 2 days worth of energy soooo wish me luck!

Tuesday we helped out at the district leader meeting. It was basically us and 35 elders which was awkward haha. President told all the DLs they need to watch which elders tend to gravitate towards hermanas to keep an eye on all that boy girl stuff. Then we sat down first at lunch and no one wanted to sit near us, so we had a good 3 chair radius between us and all the elders which was funny.

Thursday we went to work with some hermanas in Salama who weren’t that excited to have us in their area so that was fun times.

We have fleas. I spent a good part of the morning spraying chemicals in our house. It gives the phrases “ankle biter” and “don’t let the bed bugs bite” a whole new meaning.

Friday we had a multi-zone conference! The last couple weeks we’ve been sitting through lots of great conferences and I for some reason started getting kind of stressed out thinking about all the things I need to change. The Lord sends really inadequate teenagers out here to do this work! An hermana that took over for me in Trebol told me that Alfredo (one of my investigators I had there who just recently got baptized) framed the picture I left him and is just doing really well. It was a little tender mercy and a reminder that this work is moving forward despite how imperfect we are as missionaries.

Presidente and hermana Curtiss gave their final testimonies at the multi-zone. They both just stood up and started crying. I had never seen President cry before. Holy cow I have been blessed to have them. After they finished a missionary started playing God be with you till we meet again and it was all emotional…then Hermana Curtiss got up and just yellled “IF ANY OF YOU GO INACTIVE…” So perfect. Then they salsa danced at a ward activity later in the day and it just made me rethink my life goals.

Running out of time. I would to say more, this week has been so busy!!! I’m happy. We have some incredible people we’re teaching. Like miracle investigators who have just shown up at church. I feel the adversary working SO hard sometimes, but we keep working. We know who’s going to win. One investigator, Angela is a single mom with 3 daughters who works 12 hours Mon-Sat and came to church yesterday..she’s the sweetest lady and I know the gospel will do wonders for her and her family!


I wore pants. Don’t hate me. I think I’m the first in our mish to do it. I tried to keep the feminist/political argument out of my brain. I did it because I have too many bug bites. And it was an experiment more than anything. No one cared! All the members were like, “woah pants? Okay!” I’ll probably keep doing it…but I think long skirts might be a better option. Still not totally sure what to think! Opinions??


“I can’t take the picture. I have eye in my rain!” I love my companion. Seriously. In our weekly inventory I was like “is there anything you need to tell me?” And she was like “I used some of you toothpaste yesterday and I didn’t ask.” So that basically sums up how it’s going.

Changes happen Saturday. I will throw a fit if either of us move. I doubt it because the new prez comes in a week after and I doubt we’ll see too many changes. Plus all the STLs got moved around last change…but changes never go how I want them too, so I’ve given up guessing.

Well I’m about to start the most exhausting week ever.


Hermana Scrooks



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