Week 57 – 6/27/16


It’s been a great week! Yesterday Mishell got baptized! And it was my mom’s birthday. I had a baptism a day after her birthday last year, so it’s obviously good luck. Mishell is a reference from a member who just learned really quick. We only started teaching her a few weeks ago. My comp and I were talking this morning that we need to have more faith because there’s people who are just really ready! I love her. And people…share the gospel with your friends! They’re the ones who get baptized!


Woah I just realized I’m getting to the point on my mission where I can say “this time last year…” What???

We had a really cool family miraculously show up at church yesterday. We found them on Tuesday invited them and all showed up. They’re another reference. It got me thinking…it’s not actually that hard to go to church! People make it so complicated.

Numbers wise it’s just been a good week. Sometimes we work really hard and you can’t really see it in our dats. But lately we’ve just seen a lot of progress in lots of people.

Since I’ve been STL I’ve had to analyze a lot more numbers. I’ve realized they say a lot, but they don’t say everything.

I had a near death experience this week. When we finish our missions it’s your “death.” Hermana Martinez (who was my comp for 2 changes) finished this week. She was the only hermana going home, so we had to accompany her to all the goodbye meals and that kind of stuff. It was really sad, but happy and made me want to enjoy all the time I’ve got out here.

President and Hermana Curtiss peace out tomorrow. Sigh. No one really wants them to leave, but change is good, right?

The weather in Coban has been lovely. Like 60-65 degrees.

Oh my goodness I’m so boring all I can think to talk about is the weather. I will attach a ton of pictures to make up for this boring email. I cannot think about anything interesting. But I’m just doing well. I like my area. I like my comp. Can’t complain. I have a lot of great people to teach. The mission is exhausting. Sometimes I would love to just stay in bed all day and watch Netflix, but I am forced to learn and grow constantly which obviously is better.


I’m turning into a chapina…beans, eggs, mangos, and fried platanos. This also shows my insane appetite. I’m seriously like a teenage boy going through a growth spurt.


Tie-tying lessons with Gunter. Thank you elders for teaching me! He got baptized with me and Hermana Martinez back in April and just bought a ton of ties 🙂



Hermana….”the companion of Hermana Fernandez”


The Starkeys (the senior couple in the office) took off this morning as well. I’m going to miss them. She left me a ton of piano music which I can’t really play…but one day!



Making Honduran food 🙂


Adios Hermana Martniez!


My comp’s name is Hermana Fernandez. The elders nicknamed her “furry hands” and always bug her about it….but then we found these beans and laughed our heads off.


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