Week 58 – 7/4/16


Happy 4th of July!!! Last year I was in a zone full of latinos and didn’t do anything. But this year I’m with a bunch of Americans so we all had a huge barbecue that made us all homesick! Holidays and birthdays tend to do that to missionaries. Me and my comp made 8 pounds of potato salad and I think our house is going to smell like potatoes for a week.


What else? President and Hermana Faundez arrived on Tuesday. Thursday we had a zone conference to meet them. They didn’t waste any time. They’re both from Chile and have a wicked accent and talk realllly fast. I’ve been with a couple Chileans so I’m sort of used to the accent at least. They seem incredible and we’re already learning lots from them. He reminds me a lot of President Curtiss. They both have those big shiny mission president shoes. And Their hair is pretty much the same which is the most important thing. I’m lucky I’m in Coban, I get to see them a lot!


Earlier in the week we found a bunch of neighbors hauling dirt to help pave the road in front of their house. I guess they have this ongoing project to pave the streets because it rains a lot here and gets muddy. People here pretty much work and go to church…they don’t have much time for recreational or community things. So I thought it was cute.

And we got to carry dirt on our heads. We talked to the Leslie Knope of the project about what they were doing…and now he’s our investigator!

I did divisions with my hija Hermana Arragui this week. I trained her waaay back in Trebol. She’s awesome and has grown up and making her own way in the world. Tear.

Funny thing about Guatemala- they wear a lot of used imported American clothes here. Obviously they don’t speak english so I see a lot of grown men walking around in Girl Scouts of America t-shirts or ones that say “lady tigers volleyboll.” Hehe.


Having a companion is fun (most of the time). That’s probably why God wants us to get married. I happen to have a fabulous one. We are constantly finishing each other’s sandwhiches. We laugh together, cry together, and forgive each other when one happens to burn the other with their curling iron, which I totally didn’t do…We have 5 eagle scount elders in our ward who all got mad at us for not taking proper burn procedure afterwards.

Ward council on fast Sunday takes about 5 years just so you know. I’m in one of the biggest wards in the mission. The asistance in Sacrament meeting is around 275 each week.

It’s a LOT of people to keep track of. I feel like new converts get a little lost in the sea of people. Dolores had about 40 people which made it easier for new converts.

Luckily Mishell has a great friend who is a member which helps.

Angela, an investigator we’ve been working with for about a month now is on track to be baptized this weekend! I love her. She’s the single mom with 3 little girls and it makes me happy and reboots my energy whenever we get to teach her.

You know what I’ve learned as a missionary? That I’ve never had any real problems in my entire life. I’m not really sure why that is and why there are so many people really struggling with so many challenges…but I know we’re here to help each other. So I’d just say go find someone who is a little worse off than you and do something about it.

Making them feel better will make you feel better.

We finally switched lunch ladies because our old one was giving us parasites and always had lunch an hour late. We were going to go half and half so the old one wouldn’t get offended but she got mad anyways. Now her and her husband won’t talk to us or our investigators at church. Oh the social politics of missionary work.

Well I feel like I always write pretty random stuff in these emails, but I do literally the same thing everyday so this is the stuff that stands out. We teach a lot. I like teaching (when the people want to be taught.) I like sitting down in lessons and getting people to tell me their life stories. And then seeing how the gospel can fit into each of their lives.

Hope you all enjoy the fireworks tonight!

Hermana Scrub-a-dub-dub


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