Week 59 – 7/11/16

Hello hello,

My companion and I are sitting here trying to remember what happened this week…but not much is coming to mind! Did I ever mention I do the same thing every single day? There have been some struggles…but these emails are supposed to be positive so let’s talk about the good stuff.

Well the biggest news is Angela GOT BAPTIZED! I always send the boring posed baptism pics so here’s a funnier one. Angela is great. Teaching her has been kind of a slow process, but she’s an awesome example of just faith. When we told her to read, she read. When we told her to pray, she prayed. And it just went like that. It’s neat seeing how her faith has grown. She’s a single mom and those are her 3 little girls. Yessica, her older daughter is getting baptized in a couple weeks. We had to wait because she hasn’t been to church as much as her mom.


Guatemalans don’t smile much in pictures. Kids don’t really at all…but I love this family!!! I love seeing people get baptized! It’s the most rewarding. And also the most terrifying because once they get baptized it’s when the real challenges start.

Speaking of which, I guess our week has been focusing a lot on our recent converts. We have 12 in our area (people count as RC if they’ve been baptized in the last year.) Really we as missionaries can’t really help RC as much as we’d like too. They need member friends and callings which obviously isn’t what we do! We’re racking our brains to figure out how to work more effectively with our ward so everybody is taken care of. Speaking of our ginormous ward…it’s splitting!!! I don’t know when, but it’ll be a great thing so hopefully soon.

I ATE COW TONGUE AND LIVER THIS WEEK. THEY WERE BOTH DISGUSTING. And both instances I happened to be in divisions so my companion didn’t even have to suffer with me.


Okay I think Coban is by far the best part of the mission to be in. Everyone in Coban uses corte. They take the material and turn them into these big skirts. I’m basically obsessed with corte and want to buy all of it.


Picture from divisions…another area called Tactic that I would also love to work in!

We did a gnarly companionship´inventory with some hermanas that weren’t getting along. I will just say I LOVE my companion. It can be hard being stuck with the same person for so long, but luckily me and Hermana Fernandez still love each other.

Ummmm…I found out they sell gummy worms in all the little stores around here. Can you OD on gummy worms?

Quote of the week or possibly of my whole mission:

After reciting the first vision to an investigator….


I’ll let you google translate that one. It’s very irreverant, but it was SO funny.

We’ve been sharing President Monson’s last conference message a lot lately. Choose the harder right! We’ve also been focusing on the Book of Mormon a lot. I mean we always do, but almost all of our less actives have totally lost their testimonies of the Book of Mormon so we’re really making that a huge point in all our lessons.

We ate at this hipster (for Guatemala) restaurant for lunch. The food was awesome. I like trying new stuff when we can because our live is so routine sometimes little stuff like that gets us excited!

Happy 7/11 day! I had a smoothie today…but it’s definitely not the same. I’m sure my sister had some slurpees for me 🙂 And actually here the day goes first, then the month so it’s technically happy 11/7 day!

Hermana Scruggs


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