Week 60 – 7/18/16

Hi everyone,

We started this week with concilio! I don’t know how to say that in english, but it’s the meeting we have with the APs, prez, the STLs and the ZLs. Like those mission abbreviations? Well anyway concilio is always a blast. The next 3 changes wipe out just about all the ZLs, both APs and half the STLs so that will be interesting. I’ve gotten to work with a lot of the ZLs for awhile now so it’ll be sad to see them go! A few gave their last testimonies and everyone was crying. I mean us hermanas cry constantly for all sorts of reasons. But seeing elders cry always gets to me. Most of the time I see them acting like teenage boys on p day so when they start saying spiritual things it’s different!

In concilio we analyzed Deut 1:2 and our personal conversion. If you have some extra study time you can figure out the connection! We had no idea why President wanted us to read that scripture at first…

Big news: president at concilio changed the no Coke rule!!!!! Whaaaaaaat??? To be honest I’m not a huge soda person and at home when I drank soda it was always Dr. Pepper…but here they only have Coke, orange, and sprite. So the whole mission is pretty hyped.



The day after concilio we were in divisions with the hermanas in Santa Cruz and I got Hermana Hernandez to drink Coke for the first time in her WHOLE LIFE.

Okay that’s enough about Coke. I think it’s going to be the subject of this email too. I LOVE visiting other areas. I love just getting on a bus and starting out the window. We get to just show up in another area and go work for a day. It’s the best. We visited another companionship in an area called San Cristobal which I also loved. We are kind of trapped in our areas as missionaries so we’re very lucky we get to leave sometimes for divisions 🙂

This day in divisions was kind of rough though…we visited 3 of their investigators who had baptismal dates and all of them like self-imploded in front of us. Then Hermana Hernandez found out her comp is probably getting sent home for worthiness issues and it kind of pushed her over the edge. The goal of divisions is that they are good days and we get to help and motivate the hermanas so I was just thinking greeeaat. She’s going to be so psyched to have Hermana Scruggs come visit. I just said a little prayer that things could start looking up and then we ran into one of her converts (an adorable 70 year old man) and just started screaming like a teenage girl when he saw us. He gave her a bunch of references and cheered her up!

We had 8 investigators at church yesterday!!!! I’ve never had that many before. We had 2 families and a lot of other awesome people there. 2 families!!!


Even after I gave her a third degree burn with my curling iron my comp still let me cut her hair!


Perfecting the art of the self-timer pictures!

What else? I’m going to tell you a little bit about a neighborhood we visit called Cacic. Cacic I am pretty sure Cacic is the richest neighborhood in the entire mission. President and hermana Faundez live their. I reminds me of America. Lots of big houses, higher education, Nutella, small non-shedding dogs, shiny cars, closed-doors, busy schedules, etc. Anyways I had never had much success there because pride. But we started working in their again recently and the two families at church both live in Cacic. It’s fun. It gives me a little taste of what a mission in the States would be like and reminds just how happy I am to be in Guatemala!

Although one thing that makes the work harder here is that no one has real addresses…we are working with the SIMI (Is that what it is in english too?) Anyways it’s the list of all the members in the ward. We’re looking for less-actives to visit. For a lot of people it only says they live in Coban Guatemala. Super helpful.

Angela’s daughter Yessica is getting baptized this Saturday! She’s a cutie.


Proof that elders don’t let hermanas take a normal picture together.


I look exactly the same in both of these pictures, but here are president and hermana Faundez!


The whole gang

Well this was a novel. I have no idea who reads these things anymore, but I hope everything is going well. Enjoy summer. Go swimming for me!


Hermana Scruggs


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