Week 61 – 7/25/16


Well I’m jazzed because me and my companion just won (I typed that orginially as “one”…I think I need to go back to college) our zone photo scavenger hunt. I pretty much didn’t want to do it because we run around all week so why would I want to do it on p-day, but I won a this cool mug so I shouldn’t have complained.


What else? Yessica got baptized! She’s the daughter of Angela, our other convert. This little girl wouldn’t even talk to us when we started teaching her mom, so progress! I adore this family. I obviously have a lot of love and respect for single moms. And these girls will just always have a special place in my heart. Her baptism was super sweet and spiritual. Lots of members showed up which was the best. We have 4 companionships of missionaries in our ward, the APs, the ZLs, us, and one set of the office elders.

Sometimes I whine about it because the ward has so many sets of missionaries to help that sometimes I feel like we have to scream to get people’s attention, but it always works out!

Do you want to know what my week is actually like? Well here goes:

6:30 BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Slam. (This actually doesn’t bug me anymore. The mish has kind of turned me into a morning person.)

6:30-7:00 We exercise. Well my companion does Zumba and sometimes I do Zumba. Sometimes I stretch and do abs and back stuff because we walk a lot and I have to be careful with my back.

7:00-8:00 We shower and get dressed. I am SO horribly bored of all my mission clothes because we don’t wear jeans or coats so I just feel like I wear the same skirts and shirts everyday. For breakfast I usually make eggs or pancakes. I eat a ton in the morning compared to all my companions. They all eat cereal which keeps me full for about an hour…

8:00-9:00 Personal study. Sometimes we travel to go study with other hermanas which changes our whole morning scheudle. We study the lessons and for investigators and their questions.

9:00-10:00 Companionship study. We say our purpose as missionaries, D&C 4 and read from the mission manuel. We do practices and call people we’re going to visit during the day.

10:00-11:00 is supposedly language study but we are usually traveling after studying with other hermanas or in divisions or in meetings I never get to do language study anymore. We’re supposed to learn Q’echi’ the native langauge here, but I have learned not even a lick of it yet because we never have time!

Then we go visit people until 9 o’clock at night.

We eat lunch with a member. They let us name their cat. We named is Ricky Martin. We do divisions once a week. Weekly planning once a week (longest 2 hours of my life). Annnnd distirct meeting once a week. That’s my life!


-An investigator telling us that she can’t get answers quickly to her prayers..”this isn’t a cup-a-noodle hermanas. I’m not going to have my answer in 3 minutes!”

-This adorable old lady named Candelaria went to church with us yesterday.

-A less-active family we had pretty much given up on told us yesterday they want to come back to church!

-I met a couple (who are members) who have been dating for 14 years and still aren’t married. Another couple I talked to (also members) met June 1st and got married June 24th.

So whatever you did probably isn’t as crazy as you thought.

-I had a Chilean hotdog with President and Hermana Faundez.

Transfers are coming up this weekend. I don’t really want to leave, but I probably will. There’s only two areas I can go to. I’d be excited to go to Carcha (it’s like 15 minutes away) but the other area is in Peten (the hot place) and I really don’t want to go there!


Hermana Scrubs



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