Week 62 – 8/1/16


I AM ON AN ADRENALINE RUSH. You know why??? Because I went ziplining and repelling through a Guatemalan rainforest today! Sorry mom. Seriously it was possibly the coolest thing I’ve done here (besides baptizing people and missionary work of course). I’ll send a bunch of pictures. We hit our goal for baptisms in our zone so we got to go. It was SO cool. And green. This place is beautiful!

We dropped ourselves off a huge swing too!

Also surprise! I’m staying in my area! I’m stoked. However, Hermana Fernandez is leaving me which is super sad. The last 3 months with her have seriously just been a blast and adjusting to new comps is hard sometimes. Plus I’m in charge of the area for the first little bit. And I’m training another STL…so  I’m trying to be grateful for changes instead of just screaming but I still haven’t really perfected that hahah. I should be used to switching comps because I always have to, but it’s still not the easiest for me.

My new comp is Hermana Gomez from the Domincan Republic. I don’t really know her, but we’ll be together starting tomorrow. President Faundez called me yesterday and said my special assignment is to teach her English. English doesn’t make sense so I’m not sure how I’m going to do that! I’ve had 4 and half months of comps that speak English, so I’ll be speaking more Spanish starting tomorrow.

Speaking of learning languages,aton of you commented about me learning Q’echi’…still haven’t learned hardly any. I’d like to be able to at least say a prayer and have a basic conversation, but progress thus far has been very slow.

There’s one sidewalk in our area that has a huge hole in it. I don’t know why it’s never gotten fixed. Everytime I walk by it I think “okay that’s a hazard…” Anyways there was this old man who tried to jump over said hole and fell in. He luckily didn’t get too hurt. He pulled himself out and then JUMPED OVER THE HOLE AGAIN. Why do we make the same stupid mistakes in our lives over and over again? Luckily the Atonement covers all of our mistakes and God is really patient! We shouldn’t wait for really serious consequences to happen to

Other thoughts I had this week:

You can see the huge Catholic church and the McDonald’s arches from just about everywhere in my area. I’ll let you ponder on that one.

-We’re all in a process of becoming better people. Some people are further along in this process than others and we should take a deep breath sometimes and remember that.

-I hit my 14 month mark. Whaaaaat???? I’m not sure what to think. The end is coming closer. Sometimes it makesme sad. Sometimes it makes me happy. 18 months is a long time. I still miss everyone SO much. That still hasn’t changed, but I’m just kind of used to it now. I’m trying to just stay focused and work hard until the very end!


A member let us take pictures in her corte and whipils 🙂 Go huskies!


Transfers depression.


I look sort of awkward in this…but this is Candelaria who I talked about last week. She came to church again! She’s 77, blind in one eye, and one of the cutest investigators I’ve had.

Well week 1 of the new transfer is always demanding when you’re new our your comp is new…wish me luck!


Hermana Scruggs



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