Week 63 -8/8/16

Hola hola,

Wooohooo week one of the new transfer! I love my new comp. I was worried because Hermana Fernandez and I got along so well. However Hermana Gomez is awesome and super chill which I like. I feel like the mission is too short to make a big deal about things. And everything she touches gets cleaner so that’s a bonus 🙂 We were in a trio at the beginning of the week with Hermana Gomez’s old comp which was fun too.It made it less awkward at first. She’s taking over for the nurse when she leaves in October which is why I’m supposed to teach her English. Yikes. So psych I still get to talk a lot of English.

What else? We just had lunch with President and Hermana Faundez. Their daughter Facetimed to tell them she’s pregnant, so that’s fun!

Something I learned this week: I’m really really horrible about comforting people when they cry. I just touch them awkwardly and don’t know what to do…

Gunter went to the temple this weekend!!! He was baptized for his father who passed away awhile ago. He also finally got the Aaronic priesthood! His friend Mario is also getting baptized in a couple weeks! I love sticking around in an area to see how converts progress. He had a lot of problems come up after his baptism and I’ve been worried about him, but the ward has really come through to help him.

The only lame part of the week was we finally had the “we’re breaking up with you lesson” with Gunter’s mom Emma. I’ve been teaching her now for months on and off and she finally got to a point where we taught she could get baptized…but no! She doesn’t want to change. And it’s frustrating. I know I have a ton of great people to teach, but you want to help every single one of them!

Sketchy things from this week:

-Walking past a bar and seeing like 12 policemen come out and drive away. (Maybe they were doing police business and not drinking…?)

-Riding in a bus with a huge hole in the bottom. Like you could see the road underneath.

-Accidentally walking into a huge field of tomatoes which was apparently private property. When we got to the bottom the people there were like “uhhh you’re lucky the guards left…” Then we had to sneak out because the guards came back.

-Dora grew up??? And now has another TV show? But still asks the same stupid questions??


Ring pops!


Candelaria is a hoot! I love this woman. She likes gummy worms too. Yesterday was actually just the best lesson every with her. She told us she just felt lost and didn’t know what to do with herself because she has gotten really sick and feels like her life could end at any moment….then we came and she said she just knows this is what she has to do. She decided and has stuck with it. She’s incredible! Oh and this is my new companion!


I’m not sure which is better…new shoes or Girl Scout cookies?? 🙂 Fact: missionaries live for teaching the gospel and also for packages and emails!

I so wish I could be watching the Olympics with y’all, but I’ll survive. We’ve got concilio tomorrow which is always exciting. And Candelaria’s baptism this weekend. I’m having a blast out here. Time is literally flying. Miss you all!


Hermana Scruggs


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