Week 64 – 8/15/16


That’s how one of our investigators always greets us. Her and her family have been to church 3 times and are SO close to accepting baptismal dates, but Satan works hard. We had a lesson this week with them. The Spirit was testifying SO strongly in that lesson. Like I cannot even get close to describing it in an email…but it was one of those experiences you’ll never forget. I want more lessons like that!

The cutest 77 year old in my area got baptized this weekend! I’ve been really blessed in this area with so many prepared people to teach. Candelaria refused to smile in this picture, but I promise she was happy hahah. And a member lent us corte for the baptism.

In Candelaria’s baptismal interview the elder told us she just kept yelling at him…”Why are you asking me about that? The hermanas already taught me that!”


Tuesday we had concilio. With President Curtiss concilio took 5 hours. With President Faundez it takes 2. I get to work with some awesome missionaries out here.


Prom pic at concilio

Me trying to make a serious face like all the chapines here….All the members freaked out to see us in corte!

Sketchy things part 2 animal version:

-The man walking his 3 goats around downtown Coban selling milk for 5 quetz a cup.

-Seeing a rat run accross the comal (where they cook tortillas…)

-Contacting a house with 5 wiener dogs and having one of them sit on my feet the entire lesson.

You know what we teach as missionaries? The Restoration. We believe Christ has ONE church, that it’s been restored, and we having a living prophet today. All day I have frustrating conversations with every who struggles to understand that. I am working on being more patient. Everyone here says “God isn’t coming for His church, He’s coming for our hearts.” “The church isn’t the church, the church is US!” “God knows my heart and that’s all that matters.” “I can find God anywhere.” Or “I’m Catholic. Goodbye.” I will be fighting the rest of my life to defend the Restoration!

Coban is raining so me and my comp bought ponchos.

Mario (Gunter’s friend) has slowly been converting to the gospel. Teaching him has been so gratifying…he’s been making so many changes and is just happier! He’s getting baptized this Saturday 🙂 Send prayers!

I love Hermana Gomez. I don’t know how I’ve gotten so many awesome companions. Well to be real, I’ve had a couple crazy comps too…but that’s okay because we learn more from those ones 🙂

I sincerely feel like my mission just keeps getting better and better. Things seem to get easier and funner with more months and more experiences out here. That’s probably why everyone has panic attacks when they have to go home…Yeah there’s the crazy hard and stressful stuff too, but it’s just part of the package.


Hermana Scruggs



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