Week 65 – 8/22/16

Hey everyone,

Where to start? First thing that comes to mind is that we haven’t had water in our house for like 3 days. That has been a fun character building experience I would be happy to never repeat. My comp has also had a gnarly throat infection which has been lame 😦

Remember that family I talked about last week who has been to church 3 times? Well they basically are taking over our thoughts, conversations, and dreams. They are SOOO close. It’s driving me insane. Pray for them! Familia Lopez.

We had to change Mario’s baptism to this coming Saturday which was kind of a bummer because we had the whole thing planned and investigators were going to come…but oh well! He’s AWESOME. And wants to go on a mission already. He’s not baptized yet but brought a friend to church yesterday. Why can’t we get members to do that?

It’s been so neat to see his progress. This gospel really changes people.

One of our investigators needed help with some of her psych homework so she personality-tested us. First she had us draw a picture of a tree on a sheet of printer paper and then told us our life story based on what we drew. It was scary accurate…then we took some other long personality test and it turns out I don’t have a personality. She was just like “congratulations, you’re normal.” hahahah.

We bought some green plantains (that’s what it is in english right?) so that my comp could cook Dominican Republic food for me. We waited to long and they rippened.

The same thing happened last change with Hermana Fernandez. We bought green bananas so she could make Hondearan food but they went ripe. I love having friends from all over Central America.


Internet and homemade bread?!?!?


Some life stuff the mission has taught me:

-If I can do missionary work on 8 hours of sleep and no naps, I can do anything on 8 hours of sleep and no naps.

-Remember people’s names and use them.

-Show up on time.

-Ordering pizza is always worth it.

-Be interested in other people even when you’re not. Let them talk about themselves. And try not to fall asleep when they talk and talk and talk and talk to you…

Les extraño mucho! Pero se que lo que estoy haciendo vale la pena!

Hermana Scruggs


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