Week 67 – 9/5/16

Hello everyone!

After reading my emails…apparently it’s Labor Day? Well happy Labor Day! I’m in a different world here. I also had a dream last night that I opened my email and had 0 emails. Luckily that didn’t actually happen.

Biggest news of the week: Mario got baptized! The process of teaching this guy has been so so awesome. He’s totally changed. He loves the gospel. He had 3 interviews and also had to be dunked 3 times…but he he did it!


Him and Gunter (another recent convert so gave us Mario as a reference) got up to bear their testimonies on Sunday. Mario said before he started going to church every Saturday a friend would call him and they’d go drink and he would wake up feeling horrible Sunday morning….but now he goes to church instead. Gunter is also such an awesome example of member missionary work. He literally did everything for Mario. Now they’re both preparing to serve missions. They brought 2 less active members to church on Sunday too.

They’re seriously just the best. Ahhh so many feelings.


We had to buy these. Best 3 dollars I’ve spent in awhile.

What else? We had interviews and a multi-zone conference. Things are certainly changing with interviews and conferences with President Faundez. It’s not bad, just different. Both of my mission president’s have just totally blown me away in all the interviews I’ve had with them.

Familia Lopez is still driving us insane, but they’re getting closer. We had a really really horrific lesson this week trying to help them meet members. I’ll spare you the details. I say a couple really horrible lessons now and again help me realize that the bad lessons aren’t that bad hahah.

Fun fact about Guatemala (and probably lots of other parts of the world): couples live together for 20 years, have 5 kids together but say they can’t get married because it’s “too big of a commitment.” I find it incredible. I really don’t understand it, but what can you do? I’ve been wanting to help a couple get married my whole mission. Anywho. We have an investigator named Irene who is getting married this week! Her and her boyfriend have a cute little boy named Junior. If all goes as planned she’ll be baptized this coming Saturday!

I’m trying to think if anything funny or embarrassing happened this week but nothing is coming to mind. So here’s an embarrassing picture of me eating wings.




The elders lent them their name tags after the baptism. Got me thinking how blessed I am to wear one myself!

I miss you all. I really do. Think about one person who needs the gospel and go tell the missionaries! No “buts” about it! I bet you they’re a lot more ready than you think. When we pull references out of members, usually their friends and family are totally receptive. Usually it’s us as members that keep them from hearing the gospel. Don’t be afraid!

Lots of love,

Hermana Scruggs


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