Week 69 – 9/18/16

Hello hello,

Things are going really well in my area!!! Which is great because I’ve been here forever so it helps that we see some stuff happening.

Irene and Hector got married!!! It was hilarious. The member (and lawyer) that married them seriously just screamed at them for an hour about how they have to hold hands more and that they have to start introducing each other as their husband and wife. They’re about two of the most shyest (is that how you spell that?) people ever, so it was awesome. Seeing them get married and officially starting their family was SO neat.

9-19-3 9-19-1

Their son Junior was a witness 🙂

Then the next day Irene got baptized! Teaching her has been easy. She just did everything we asked her to do. Lots of little changes that took a lot of courage.

She’s a great example to her family. Hector is now coming back to church. As well as 3 other family members. And now Irene’s sister is investigating too.

Missionaries LOVE teaching families.



I cannot make this picture flip, but you get the idea.

A random member from the capital somehow got our number. She called us to have a lesson with a girl who works with he- Iris (who came to church yesterday). We had a great lesson with them. Then Dary took us to McDonald’s and dropped us off at our house in a taxi. For missionaries who walk everywhere and eat rice and beans all week long it was VERY uplifting.

I contacted a house that smells exactly like Trader Joes this week. I also met a woman who has had the same cellphone for 12 years (mom she beat your record.)

We’re still teaching familia Lopez. Aziza, the 24 year old daughter has a baptismal date for October 8th! I’m running out of patience and ideas for her parents though…We had a family home evening yesterday with them and some members and the mom (also named Aziza) is still saying the same things she said 2 months ago sooooo we’ll see what happens.

Quote of the week:

“I cannot hear you. Your actions speak so much louder than your words.”

We had a bunch of hermanas stay with us at the beginning of the week because of transfers. That was insane, but fun because it’s like a big pajama party.

Also September 15th is Guatemala’s independence day. There was a huge stake activity and everyone wore typical clothes (I can’t think of how to translate that.) Always lots of fun and tamale-filled.

I’m trying to talk to more people in the street. I don’t like it and it’s hard to find people’s houses after a street contact. However, yesterday we stopped a woman who wasn’t really interested in talking to us but she told us to walk down this little path I had never noticed before because there was a woman crying. We found her and turned out she was hiding from her abusive husband. Honestly, there wasn’t much we could do to help her, but maybe it helped he feel a little bit better? Anyway it made me want to talk to more people in the street.

Thanks for you emails. Really it’s fun to hear from you. I cannot stalk you on social media like I want to, so I really love reading your emails. I miss you all!

Everyone should put on a sweatshirt, jeans, and take a nice long ride in your car for me.


Hermana Scruggs


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