Week 72 – 10/10/16


This week I think will be hard to top because the Lopez family got baptized!!! Seriously I cannot express how much this family means to me. I have been teaching, praying, fighting, fasting, screaming, dreaming, crying, and pleading with this family for the last 4 months and they did it! I still can’t believe it. I mean I can because we see miracles everyday out here, but I’m just so grateful.

This family lives in Cacic (the little America I have mentioned before, with wifi, cars, lots of higher education, and small pure-bread dogs.) It’s a HARD neighborhood to work in, but this family proved that reputation wrong. Well kind of…because teaching them has been hard, but definitely worth it. We started teaching them under the pre-text of coming to teach English. The senior couple of missionaries who used to be here started the friendship and thanks to them they’re now baptized! Talk to your neighbors!

This family used to be scared of Mormons. I actually had knocked on their door before and they told us no. We need help getting in the door. Now this family are going to be awesome pastors in the church helping lots of other little sheeps.

Inline image 1 My last comp Hermana Fernandez (who I started teaching them with) was able to come to their baptism as well. It was extra special that she got to be there. And President and Hermana Faundez came too! It was the perfect baptism, seriously.

This is a family who recently moved in a couple blocks from them. They have been such a huge help. We need members in this work! Our ward mission leader at the end of the baptism “You should all congratulate la familia mormon!” Next stop: temple! Wooohhoooo it honestly makes all the bad stuff worth it.

What else? We got pedicures on Saturday because a member is in beauty school and needed people to practice on. I felt really bad for her. 16 months as a missionary in Guatemala does wonders to feet and I’m pretty sure she wants to change her profession now. That scripture in Mosiah about how beautiful the feet are of those who preach the gospel is a lie.

Living with the new hermanas is lots of fun! More friends and more people to clean the house, so we’re all happy.

I went to an area called San Cristobal on Wednesday to work with an hermana. She is training and working in a really tough area with little support form the members. At the end of the day I was just really impressed with her desire to be obedient and her diligence. It’s something I wish I could see from all our companionships. She told me how stressed she has been feeling because she feels like things aren’t going well, but I just think she’s one of the most consecrated hermanas out here and I told her to keep it up. Then I took a shower and kept bumping my head on the shower head. This has happened multiple times in divisions. I’m too tall for this country. I finally understand how Buddy felt in the North Pole.

Quotes of the week:

-Me: “Hey do you get along with your companion?”

A wise elder: “We get along. Because I don’t say anything.”

-“A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.” -Benjamin Franklin -“Courage isn’t always a lion’s roar. It’s sometimes the heart at the end of a day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

Well there is a constant feeling of inadequacy as a missionary. I don’t know how God trusts us to do this work, but He does. Seeing miracles like the familia Lopez just make me speechless how the heck I could get to play a part in this…but somehow I do!

Okay I got distracted looking at college classes. This is insane. Seriously I’m like hyperventilating thinking about it. Help.

Have a lovely week!

Hermana “jajajaja de donde viene su apellido?”

We went to go looking for more future members in Cacic! Did I mention it’s hard working there?


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